W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 1990

Discrimination and Law

The annual Legal Workshop, again subsidised by the W G Hart Bequest, was held at the Institute from Tuesday 3rd July to Thursday 5th July 1990 on the theme: Discrimination and Law. Over 70 participants attended all or part of the Workshop including representatives from universities and polytechnics, both UK and overseas, government agencies, trade unions and solicitors' firms. A total of 28 papers, covering a wide range of topics were presented.

The Commission of Racial Equality generously sponsored a reception for delegates and invited guests on the penultimate evening of the Workshop.

Published Proceedings:

Discrimination : the limits of law / edited by Bob Hepple and Erika M. Szyszczak.
London : Mansell, 1992
IALS classmark: Short Loan

Academic Directors:

  • Professor Bob Hepple (University College London)
  • Dr Erika Szyszczak (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Workshop Speakers:
Dr Susan Atkins (University of Southampton)
Teaching and Research in Sex Discrimination Law: Where Should We Be Going?
Professor Derek Bell (Harvard University)
The Civil Rights Model of Anti-Discrimination Law: An Allegorical Critique
Geoffrey Bindman (Bindman & Partners)
Proof and Evidence of Discrimination
Trevor Buck (University of Leicester)
Ageism and Legal Control
Mary Coussey (Commission for Racial Equality)
The Effectiveness of Strategic Enforcement of the 1976 Race Relations Act
Sandra Fredman (Exeter College, Oxford); Deidre Stanley (Harvard University); Dr Erika Szyszczak (London School of Economics and Political Sciences)
The Interaction of Race and Gender
Barry Fitzpatrick (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
The Effectiveness of Remedies for Infringement of Equality Rights
Dr John Gardner (All Souls College, Oxford)
Discrimination Between Social Spheres
Dr Jeanne Gregory (Middlesex Polytechnic)
The Effectiveness of Discrimination Law
Professor Bob Hepple (University College London)
Racial Discrimination and Law: Where Are We Now?
Jim Knox (Consultant); Joe O'Hara (GMBTU)
Fair Employment Legislation in Northern Ireland
Nicola Lacey (New College, Oxford)
From Individual to Group
Dr Alice Leonard (Equal Opportunities Commission)
Reforming the Sex Discrimination Act
Laurence Lustgarten (University of Warwick)
Discrimination and Law: Where are We Going?
Martin Mabiletsa (Commission for Racial Equality)
Complainant Aid - A Crisis
Dr Werner F. Menski (School of Oriental and African Studies)
Post-Colonial Models for Compensatory Discrimination in Favour of Disadvantaged Groups: the Indian Experience and its Lesson for Britain
Dr Tariq Modood (Commission for Racial Equality)
Cultural Diversity and Racial Discrimination in Employment
Jonathan Montgomery (Southampton University)
Legislating for a Multi-Faith Society: Some Problems of Special Treatment
Paseko Ncholo (University College London)
The Idea of Equality and Affirmative Action in the Bill of Rights Context for Southern Africa
Professor Bhikhu Parekh (University of Hull)
Reflections on Contemporary Discrimination in Favour of Disadvantaged Groups
Edward Phillips (University of Buckingham)
Compensatory Discrimination in Malaysia: A Cautionary Tale for the United Kingdom
Gwyneth Pitt (University of Leeds)
Can Reverse Discrimination be Justified?
Dr Sebastian Poulter (University of Southampton)
The Limits of Pluralism - A Legal Perspective
Albie Sachs (Institute of Commonwealth Studies)
South Africa
Vera Sacks (Kingston Polytechnic)
Results of Reserach on the Use made of Positive Discrimination Provisions of the Sex Discrimination Act
Josephine Shaw (University of Exeter)
Equal Opportunities for Women in the Federal Republic of Germany
Dr Erika Szyszczak (London School of Economics and Political Science)
The Limitations of Market Equality and reference to the European Community
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