W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 1992

Dispute Resolution: Civil Justice and its Alternatives

The annual Legal Workshop, again subsidised by the W G Hart Bequest, was held from Tuesday 7th July to Thursday 9th July 1992 at the Institute on the subject of Dispute Resolution: Civil Justice and its Alternatives.

The Workshop, which attracted a varied audience of academics and practitioners, was particularly noteworthy in the way it effectively brought together British and European specialists in civil procedure and alternative dispute resolution, fields which had hitherto been excessively insulated from one another. The Academic Directors engineered a harmonious dialogue between adherents of these approaches.

Academic Directors:

  • Cyril Glasser (Managing Partner of Sheridans and Visiting Professor at University College London)
  • Professor Simon Roberts (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Workshop Speakers:
Andrew Acland (Independent Mediator; Consultant, IDR Europe Ltd) Thelma Fisher and Marian Roberts (National Family Conciliation Council)
Selection, Training and Accreditation of Mediators
Mauro Cappelletti (Stanford University, USA and University of Florence, Italy)
Access to Justice and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Antonia Chayes (J.F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Senior Counsel and Manager, Endispute Inc
Alternative Dispute Resolution in the United States: Reflecting on the Surge
Peter Fitzpatrick (University of Kent) Gordon Woodman (University of Birmingham)
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Folk Law and Legal Pluralism
John Flood (University of Westminster) and Andrew Caiger (Anglia Business School)
Lawyers and Commercial Arbitration
Hazel Genn (Queen Mary and Westfield College)
Tribunals and Theories of Informal Justice
Cyril Glasser (University of College London)
Procedure and Litigation - the Evolution of Professional Culture
Sir Leonard Hoffman (Judge of the High Court, Chancery Division)
Changing Perspectives on Civil Litigation
Richard Ingleby (University of Manchester) Christine Chinkin (University of Sydney)
Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Courts: the Case Against Mandated Participation
Wendy Kennett (New Hall, Cambridge)
Civil Litigation: European Developments
Roy Lewis (University of Southampton) Jon Clark (University of Warwick) Robert Jagtenberg and Annie de Roo (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)
Labour Dispute Resolution
Karl Mackie (Centre for Dispute Resolution)
The Institutional Framework of Alternative Dispute Resolution: Founding CEDR
Karl Mackie (Centre for Dispute Resolution)
Lawyers and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Mavis Maclean (Center for Socio-Legal Studies); Richard Greenslade (District Judge)
Informal Process Adjacent to Family Proceedings
David Miles (Partner, Glovers; Director, Centre for Dispute Resolution); Ian Morely (Department of Psychology, University of Warwick; Philip Naughton QC
The Roles of Lawyers in Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alan Paterson (University of Strathclyde); Roger Smith (Director, Legal Action Group)
Legal Aid Litigation: problems of Financing and Quality Control
Simon Roberts (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Public Justice System: an unresolved Relationship
Adrian Zuckerman (University College, Oxford)
Mareva and Interlocutory Injunctions - Justice Without Final Resolution?
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