W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 1993

Concepts of Property in the Law

The annual Workshop, again subsidised by the W G Hart Bequest, was held from Tuesday 6th July to Thursday 8th July 1993 at the Institute on the subject of Concepts of Property in the Law.

The Workshop featured an extremely wide range of papers on various aspects of property law from an international panel of distinguished speakers, including visitors from Australia, Belgium, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States.

W. G. Hart Legal Workshop 1993 - Programme of speakers and papers (pdf)

Academic Directors:

  • Dr James Harris (Keble College, University of Oxford)
  • Brad Sherman (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Workshop Speakers:
Stathis Banakas (University of East Anglia)
Negligence and Property Rights in Anglo-American and European law
Anne Barron (University College London)
Aboriginal Culture and Community Property
Lionel Bently (King's College London) and Brad Sherman (London School of Economics and Political Science)
The Materiality of the Intangible
Anne Bottomley (University of Kent)
Feminist Perspectives on Property Law?
Roger Brownsword and Deryck Beyleveld (University of Bristol)
Mice, Morality and Patents
Andrew Caiger (Anglia Polytechnic University)
Property and Community in South Africa
Michael Cardwell (University of Leeds)
Milk Quotas as Property
Alison Clarke (University College London)
Security Interests as Property?
James Harris (Keble College, Oxford)
Private and Non-Private Property
Hugh Collins (London School of Economics and Political Science)
When and Why are Contract Rights Property Rights?
Sarah Dromgoole (University of Leicester) and Nicholas Gaskell (University of Southampton)
Property in Wrecks
Diego Gambetta (Department of Social Administration, Oxford)
Symbols and Property Rights
Joshua Getzler (St Hugh's College, Oxford)
Theories of Property, Economic Development and The Industrial Revolution
Kate Green (University of East London)
Formality and Informality
Ruth Grupen (University of East London)
Computer Misuse Act, 1990: Property Rights in Information?
Nicholas Jackson and Anne Bottomley (University of Kent at Canterbury)
Shifting Conceptual Frameworks: Experiences of Teaching Land Law
David Kelly (Staffordshire University)
What is a Share?
Geoffrey Samuel (University of Lancaster)
Property Notions in the Law of Obligations
Anna Lawson (University of Leeds)
The Acquisition of Beneficial Interests in the Family Home
Margaret Llewelyn (University of Central Lancashire)
The Ethics of Patenting Life
William Lucy and François Barker (University of Hull)
Justifying Property and Justifying Access
Celia Lury (University of Lancaster)
Branding, Trade Marks and Image Properties in the Contemporary Culture Industry
Gerald McCormack (University of Essex)
Compulsory Expropriation
Sean Mcveigh (University of Keele)
Intellectual Property and the Death of the Body
Wolfgang Mincke (University of Limburg, Netherlands)
Property: Assets or Power? Objects or Relations as Substitutes of Property Rights
Antonello Miranda (University of Palermo, Italy)
Body Parts
Stephen Munzer (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
An Uneasy Case Against Property Rights in Body Parts
Deborah Fisch Nigri
Theft of information and the Concept of Property in the Information Age
Richard Nobles (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Pensions as Property
Patrick O'Keefe (University of Sydney, Australia)
Property and the Cultural Heritage
J.E. Penner (Brunel University)
Criteria and Circumstances for the Concept of Property
Alain Pottage (London School of Economics and Political Science)
The Plasticity of Property
Michael Power (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Accounting for the Intangible
Alan Ryan (Princeton University, USA)
Property and Pragmatism
Bernard Rudden (Brasenose College, Oxford)
Things as Thing and Things as Wealth
M.G. Salter (Lancaster University)
Property, Law and Personality in Hegel's Legal Theory
Kristina Stern (King's College London)
Bailments and Human Gametes
Alain Strowel (Faculties Universitaires Saint-Louis, Belgium
Locke and Droit d'auteur
David Sugarman (University of Lancaster)
Property, Economic Change and the Invention of Englishness
Bill Swadling (Queen Mary and Westfield College)
Restitution and Property
Joshua Weisman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
Long Term Leases as an Alternative to Ownership
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