W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 1994

Understanding Human Rights

The annual Workshop, again subsidised by the W G Hart Bequest, was held at the Institute from Tuesday 5th to Thursday 7th July 1994 at the Institute on the subject Understanding Human Rights. This lively Workshop featured an international panel of distinguished speakers including visitors from Canada, South Africa and the United States.

Further reading:

Understanding human rights / edited by Conor Gearty and Adam Tomkins.
London : Mansell, 1996

Academic Directors:

  • Dr Connor Gearty (King's College London) - assisted by:
  • Adam Tomkins (King's College London)
Workshop Speakers:
Mr G.W. Anderson (University of Warwick)
The Limits of Constitutional Law: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Public/Private Divide
Mr N. Bamforth (Wadham College, Oxford)
Sexual Orientation and the Impact of Law
Ms T. Callman
Freedom of Expression and Religion
Ms. E. Chadwick (Manchester Metropolitan University)
The Foundation and Content of Human Rights in International Humanitarian Law - A Critical Reappraisal
Professor Christine Chinkin (University of Southampton)
Women's Rights as Human Rights under International Law
Dr S. Deakin (Peterhouse, Cambridge)
Personal Rights and Labour Law: A Comparative Approach
Professor G. Devenish (University of Natal, South Africa)
Human Rights in a Divided Society
Ms S. Douglas-Scott (King's College, London)
Environmental Rights
Dr C. Douzinas (Birkbeck College, London)
Human Rights at the End of History
Professor K.D. Ewing (King's College, London)
Human Rights and Democracy
Ms S. Fredman (Exeter College, Oxford)
Less Equal than others ... Equality and Women's Rights
Dr S. Greer (University of Bristol)
Human Rights and Criminal Justice
Dr T.H. Jones (University of Manchester)
The Judiciary and Fundamental Rights in Australia and Britain
Ms C.J.M. Kimber (University of Aberdeen)
Equality or Self-Determination: A Comparison of the Principles of Equality and Self-Determination
Mr J. Kingston (British Institute of International and Comparative Law)
Human Rights: A Solution to the Abortion Question?
Mr S. Livingstone (Queen's University, Belfast)
Human Rights in an Emergency - an Historical Perspective
Professor L. Lustgarten (University of Southampton)
National Security and the Judicial Function: Games Judges Play
Mr J.M. McBride (University of Birmingham)
Human Rights and International Organisations
Madam justice Beverley McLachlin (Canadian Supreme Court)
Canada's Experience with a Constitutional Bill of Rights
Ms S.N. McMurtie (University of Buckingham)
Pornography and Rights - The Theory and Practice of Control
Ms M. Malik (King's College London)
Should Collective Rights be Human Rights?
Mr L.J. Moran (University of Lancaster)
The Homosexualisation of Human Rights
Ms S. Mullally (University of Hull)
Discrimination and the Public/Private Divide in International Human Rights Law
Mr R.J. Nayar (University of Cambridge)
Human Welfare and International Law: A Functional Analysis of 'Human Rights' and 'Development'
Mr D. Nolan (King's College, London)
Is Meritorious Treatment a Human Right?
Professor Katherine O'Donovan (University of Kent)
Universal Rights to Respect for Private and Family Life: Aspiration or Oxymoron?
Professor P. O'Higgins (Christ's College, Cambridge)
State Terrorism, Kidnapping and Human Rights
Ms G. Pitt (University of Leeds)
Rights and Employee Rights - Free Speech
Dr G. Quinn (University College, Galway)
Democratic Theory, Judicial Activism and Rights: Ireland and the United States
Mr M. Radford (University of East Anglia)
Can Rights Extend to Animals?
Ms A. Scully (Brunel University)
Human Rights and Aids; A Critical Evaluation
Mr C.F. Stychin (University of Keele)
Essential Rights and Contested Identities: Sexual Orientation and Equality rights Jurisprudence in Canada
Professor M. Tushnet (Georgetown University)
Living with a Bill of Rights
Mr P. Twomey (University of Liverpool)
Denying Terrorists the Oxygen of Publicity: Broadcasting Restrictions in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland
Ms G. Van Bueren (Queen Mary and Westfield College)
The Challenges for the international Protection of Family Member's Rights as the 21st Century Approaches
Mr J. Wadham (Legal Officer, Liberty)
Reflections on Recent Cases in Strasbourg
Professor C. Walker (University of Leeds)
The Prevention of Terrorism Act and the European Convention
Judge Brian Walsh (European Court of Human Rights and former Justice of the Irish Supreme Court)
Human Rights in an Emergency and Human Rights under the Irish Constitution
Mr S. Wheatley (University of Central Lancashire)
The CSCE High Commissioner of National Minorities. Human Rights Protection and Preventative Dispute Resolution
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