W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 1996

Lawmaking in the European Union

The 23rd W G Hart Legal Workshop was held at the Institute from Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th July 1996 on the subject of: Lawmaking in the European Union. The Workshop included contributions from speakers from Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and the United States.

W. G. Hart Legal Workshop 1996 - Programme of speakers and papers

Published Proceedings:

Lawmaking in the European Union / editors, Paul Craig, Carol Harlow.
The Hague : Kluwer Law International, 1998.
IALS classmark: GO1.A1.D.1 CRA

Academic Directors:

  • Professor Carol Harlow (London School of Economics and Political Science) - assisted by:
  • Paul Craig (Worcester College, University of Oxford)
Workshop Speakers:
Mads Andenas, Centre for European Law, King's College London
The Interplay of the Commission and ECJ in Giving Effect to the Tight to Provide Financial Services
Kenneth Armstrong, University of Keele
The New Institutionalism
Professor Sue Arrowsmith, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Implementing the Public Procurement Rules
Francesca Beltrame, University of Milan
Creating the Directive on Pluralism and Media Concentration; A Case Study
Fiona Beveridge and Sue Nott, University of Liverpool
A Hard Look at Soft Law: does it Offer a Way Ahead for Women?
Sophie Boyron, University of Birmingham
The Co-Decision Procedure
Dr Gisbert Brinkmann, Federal German Ministry of Labour
The Social Provisions of the Treaty and 'Social Chapters' of Maastricht
Tom Burns, Napier University, Edinburgh
Better Lawmaking? An Evaluation of Law Reform in the European Community
Paul Craig, Worcester College, Oxford
Democracy and Rulemaking Within the EC: An Empirical and Normative Assessment
Elinor Campbell and Holly Cullen, Durham University
The Future of Social Policy-Making in the European Community
Sandra Fredman, Exeter College, Oxford
The Interplay of the ECJ and Community Institutions in Social Policy-Making
Professor Carol Harlow, London School of Economics and Political Science
Rulemaking in the EC: Beyond the National Paradigm?
Geraint Howells, University of Sheffield
The Function of Soft Law in the Context of EC Consumer Law
Professor Ib Martin Jarvad, Roskilde University, Denmark
The Market Committee of the Danish Parliament in the EU Lawmaking Process
Dr Philip Leith, The Queen's University of Belfast
Harmonising European Patent Laws
Imelda Maher, Birkbeck College, London
The Coordination of Competition Law
Professor Philip Norton, University of Hull
National Parliaments and the European Union: Where To From Here?
Daniela Obradovic, Europa Institute, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Accountability of Interest Groups in the Lawmaking Process
Mme Nicole Questiaux. Conseiller d'Etat, France
Implementing EC Law in France: the Role of the French Conseil d'Etat
Michael Radford, University of East Anglia
Animal Welfare and European Policy-Making
Dr Wolf Sauter and Ellen Vos, European University Institute, Florence
Harmonisation under Community Law: The Comitology Issue
Professor Martin Shapiro, University of California, Berkeley
The information Gathering and Lawmaking Function of Congressional Committees: A pattern for the European Parliament?
Professor Jo Shaw, University of Leeds
A Proposal Too Far? law, Lawyers and Legal Discourse in Interest Representation
Dr Marc Thewes, Thewes & Reuter, Luxembourg; University of Louvain, Belgium
National Civil Service and Implementation: The Case of Luxembourg
Charlotte Villiers, University of Glasgow and Lorna Woods, University of Sheffield
The Legislative Process and Democracy: Lessons from Comparative Company Law
Dr Adrienne de Moor-van Vugt, Dr Wim Voermans and Dr VJJM Bekkers, University of Tilburg, Netherlands
Problems of Implementation: the Dutch Experience
Professor Joseph Weiler, Harvard University, USA
Models of Democracy and the European Union
Dr Martin Westlake, Secretariat General, European Commission
The Role of the European Parliament
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