W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 1997

Access to Enviromental Justice: A Comparative Examination

The 24th Workshop, again subsidised by the W G Hart Bequest, was held at the Institute from Tuesday 8th to Thursday 10th July 1997 on the subject Access to Environmental Justice: A Comparative Examination. The Workshop included speakers from Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, Switzerland and the United States.

Published Proceedings:

Access to environmental justice : a comparative examination
London : Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 1998.
IALS classmark: FOL SB75 ACC

Academic Directors:

  • Michael Palmer (School of Oriental and African Studies) - assisted by:
  • Andrew Harding (School of Oriental and African Studies)
  • Michael Anderson (School of Oriental and African Studies)
  • Martin Lau (School of Oriental and African Studies)
Workshop Speakers:
Matthew Abraham, Barrister
Access to Environmental Justice in India: The Role of the Indian Judiciary
Frank Bennett, School of Oriental and African Studies
Japanese Landfills: Private Deals and Public Bads
Klaus Bosselmann, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Human Rights and the Environment: Redefining Fundamental Principles?
Tanya Bowyer-Bower, School of Oriental and African Studies
Environmental Justice for Whom? Case Study of the Control of Urban Agriculture in Harare, Zimbabwe
Damion Carney, University of Buckingham
Environmental Interest Groups and the Litigation Process: An Overview of the Experience in England and Wales
Beatrice Chaytor, Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development
The WTO Committee on Trade and Environment: Access to Justice?
Jill Cottrell, University of Hong Kong
Environmental Dispute Resolution Strategies in Hong Kong
Philippe Cullet, Stanford University, USA
Differential Treatment in international Environmental Law: Towards the Recognition of Local Community Rights
Hazel Dawe, University of Kent
Access to a Nuclear-Free Europe within Euratom: The Example of Austria
Maria de la Torre, University of Aberdeen
Translating Concepts of a Right to Environmental Information into Practice: A Step by Step Approach
Caroline Dommen, Geneva
Environmental Rights before International Human Rights Institutions
Fiona Donson, Cardiff Law School
Road Planning in a Sensitive Environment: Lessons from Twyford Down
Louise Gale, Greenpeace International, Brussels
Access to Environmental Justice before the European Court of Justice
Adrian Hughes, London
Liability for Damage to the Marine Environment
Hamish Jenkins, School of Oriental and African Studies
Environmental Rights and Entitlements - A Theoretical Framework
Robin Juni, Attorney at Jones, Day, Reavis and Pogue, formerly US Department of Justice, Environment and Natural Resources Division
Environmental Justice and ADR: A View from US Practice and Some Comparative Thoughts
Julian Killingley, University of Central England in Birmingham
Keeping America Green
Cliona Kimber, University of Aberdeen
Access to Environmental Justice - the Importance of Access to Environmental Information
Antonia Layard, University of Oxford
Environmental Justice in the UK Planning System: Trading Pollution and Environmental Challenges
Greg Lloyd and Colin Reid, University of Dundee
Public Access to Planning Information in Scotland: Decentralisation, institutional Innovation and Community Councils
Andrea Loux, University of Edinburgh
Democracy, Community and the Common Good: Old Concepts and New Dilemmas of public Property in Britain and the United States
William Lucy and Catherine Mitchell, University of Hull
The Promise and Problems of Stewardship
Mei Hong, Stephenson Harwood and School of Oriental and African Studies
Avenues to Environmental Justice in the People's Republic of China
Chris Miller, University of Salford and Owen Mcintyre, University of Manchester
Environmental Rights - Critical Perspectives
Karen Morrow, Queen's University Belfast
The Public, The Environment, and the Planning Process: A Case Study of the 1997 Inquiry into Release of Land to meet Housing Needs in the Greater Belfast Area
Nicola Pain, EP Agency, New South Wales
Access to Environmental Justice in the South Pacific
Neil Popovic, Heller Ehrman White & McAuliffe, San Francisco
Environmental Rights as Access to Environmental Justice
Javaid Rehman, University of Leeds
Access to the International Court of Justice in Resolving Environmental Disputes
Andrea Ross-Robertson, University of Dundee and Jeremy Rowan-Robinson, University of Aberdeen
The Impact of the Voluntary Approach on Access to Justice in Environmental Protection
Aine Ryall, University of Cork
The Irish Ombudsman and Disputes over Access to Environmental Information
Purwo Santoso, London School of Economics and Political Science
Political Access to Environmental Justice in Indonesia
Burkhard Schaefer, University of Edinburgh
Access to Environmental Justice, Representative Action and the New Social Movements
David I. Shapiro, JAMS Endispute Europe and James Shapiro, New York
ADR and Superfund in the United States
Azmi Sharom, University of Malaya
Access to Environmental Justice in the Malaysian Planning System: A Case Study on Kuala Lumpur
Dinah Shelton, University of Notre Dame, USA
Litigating Foreign Environmental Damage in US Courts: Recent Developments
I.O. Smith, Lagos State University, Nigeria
Environmental Pollution, Dispute Resolution and Access to Justice in Nigeria: Which Way Forward?
Neil Stanley, University of Leeds
Is the Town and Country Planning System an Ineffective Method of Controlling Hazardous Development?
Endre Stavang, University of Oslo, Institute for Private Law
Tolerance Limits and Temporal Liability in Environmental Civil Liability
Surya Subedi, University of Hull
Environmental Inputs into the Planning Process in Nepal: Recent Developments
Franscesca Veneziano, University of Nottingham
Access to Environmental Justice in a Country Applying for Membership in the European Union: The Case of Poland
Halina Ward, Environmental Resources Management and Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development
The Contribution of Environmental Mediation to Sustainable Development: Some Key Concerns
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