W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 1998

Transnational Corporate Finance and the Challenge to the Law

The 25th Workshop, again subsidised by the W G Hart Bequest, was held at the Institute from Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th July 1998 on Transnational Corporate Finance and the Challenge to the Law. The Workshop which attracted a diverse audience of academics and practitioners, including speakers from Europe, the United States and South East Asia, explored some of the most vital questions facing the law of finance at a time of critical economic pressure and turbulence in the markets driving the global economy.

W. G. Hart Legal Workshop 1998 - Programme of speakers and papers (pdf)

Published Proceedings:

Transnational Corporate Finance and the Challenge to the Law
London : Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 1998
IALS classmark: FOL SB40 TRA

Mapping the international law of finance: a report on the W G Hart Legal workshop 1998 by Alistair Hudson (Amicus Curiae Issue 10, September 1998 pp.15-17)

Academic Directors:

  • Dr Mads Andenas (IALS)
  • Dr Chizu Nakajima (City University)
  • Alistair Hudson (Queen Mary and Westfield College)
  • Dr Christos Hadjiemmanuil (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Workshop Speakers:
Dr Mads Andenas, IALS
European Securities Regulation and the Internal Financial Market
Mark Armstrong, University of Lancaster
The Political Economy of international Transfer Pricing, 1945-1997
Douglas Amer, Queen Mary and Westfield College
Financial Support for Economies in Crises
Emilios Avgouleas, London School of Economics and Political Science
The Question of Harmonisation of 'Conduct of Business Rules' in the EC: Tensions Between the EC Principles of Subsidiarity and Investor Protection
Mahmood Bagheri, IALS
Contractual Ramifications of Securities Regulation: Challenges Facing Public and Private International Law
Dr Joanna Benjamin, Deputy Chief Executive, Financial Law Panel
Conflict of Law Implications of Immobilisation
Mattias Bjorkman, Stockholm University, Sweden
The Scope of the General Good Notion in the Second EC Banking Directive According to Recent Case Law
Dr John Board, School of Economics and Political Science
Regulation and The Economics of Financial Techniques
Andrew Campbell and Peter Cartwright, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Deposit Protection: Systemic Risk and Moral Hazard
Professor David Campbell, Sheffield Hallam University and Professor Sol Picciotto, University of Lancaster
The Origins and Justifications of Financial Futures Exchanges
Anne Crossfield, Barrister
Fraud and Modern Financial Products
Dr Frederique Daha and Professor Gerald McCormack, University of Essex
Security and Credit in Economies in Transition (Central and Eastern Europe): The Case of Poland
Professor Janet Dine, University of Essex and Visiting Fellow, IALS
The Regulation of Derivatives: Identifying Difficulties and Creating Models of Regulation
Professor Elias Dinenis, City University Business School
Uses and Abuses of Derivative: Technical Issues
Olusoji Elia, University of Buckingham Law School
Law of Competition Policy on Transnational Corporate Finance in Transitional Markets
Antonio Franchi, University of Siena, Italy
The Scission of Companies in Italian Law: Procedures and Implementation Issues
Vasiliki  Galanopoulou, King's College London
Issues in Presidential Regulation of Financial Institutions
Dr Christos Hadjiemmanuil, London School of Economic and Political Science
The Framework of Monetary Stability: A Role for Currency Boards?
Andrew Haynes, University of Wolverhampton and Associate Research Fellow, IALS
Legal Developments in Debt Securitisation
Schuyler Henderson, Baker & McKenzie
The Legal Context of Credit Derivatives
Alistair Hudson, Queen Mary and Westfield College
Seller Liability in Credit Derivatives Markets
Dr Rosa Maria Lastra, Queen Mary and Westfield College
Central Banking and International Convergence
Laura Macgregor and Charlotte Villiers, University of Glasgow
Independence of Auditors: Comparing the Position of Spain and the UK
Robin Mackenzie, University of Kent
Intellectual Property Issues in Transnational Finance
Anna Morner, Queen Mary and Westfield College
The ISDA EMU Protocol
Dr Chizu Nakajima, City University Business School and Associate Research Fellow, IALS
Japanese Securities Regulation: New Regulatory Structures
Professor J.J. Norton, Queen Mary and Westfield College
Asian Financial Crises and Financial Law Reform
Lazaros E. Panourgias, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, USA and Stephen Petri, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development
Foreign Direct Investment Liberalization: Institutional Anarchy and the Stability of the International Banking System
Professor Sol Picciotto, University of Lancaster and Jason Haines, IALS
Regulating Global Financial Markets
Bill Rees, Barrister and Postgraduate Research Tutor, IALS
Alternative Dispute Resolution in Derivatives Markets
Sandeep Savla, Barrister and Postgraduate Research Student, IALS
The UK on international Co=operation and Financial Intermediaries
Ned Swan, Cameron McKenna and Postgraduate Research Student, IALS and Jeff Golden, Allen & Overy
Problems with OTC Derivatives
Pedro Gustavo Teixeira, European University Institute, Italy
The Design of Transnational Capital Market Law as a 'Lex Mercatoria Specialis'
George Walker, Queen Mary and Westfield College
International Regulatory Convergence and the Supervision of Financial Conglomerates
Philip Wood, Allen & Overy
Set-Off in Financial Transactions
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