W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 1999

Legal Regulation and the Employment Relation

The 26th W G Hart Legal Workshop, again subsidised by the eponymous bequest, was held at the Institute from 6th to 8th July 1999. The Workshop addressed the theme: Legal Regulation and the Employment Relation.

Published Proceedings:

Legal regulation of the employment relation / editors, Hugh Collins, Paul Davies, Roger Rideout.
London : Kluwer, 2000
IALS classmark: SJ250 COL


Legal regulation of the employment relation / editors, Hugh Collins, Paul Davies, Roger Rideout.
London : Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 1999
IALS classmark: FOL SJ250 LEG

Academic Directors:

  • Professor Hugh Collins (London School of Economics and Political Science)
  • Professor Paul Davies (London School of Economics and Political Science)
  • Professor Roger Rideout (University College London)
Workshop Speakers:
Professor Shin-ichi Ago, Kyushu University, Japan Legal Regulation of Employment and International Financial Institutions
Robin Allen QC The contribution of International and Transnational Regulation in the Search for Substantive Equality in the Workplace: Clarity and Confusion?
Professor Steven Anderman, University of Essex Competition Law and Labour Law: State Aid Doctrine
Diamond Ashiagbor, European University Institute, Italy Flexibility and Adaptability in the EU Employment Strategy
Catherine Barnard, Trinity College, University of Cambridge Social Dumping Revisited: Some Lessons from Delaware?
Professor Brenda Barrett, University of Middlesex Health and Safety Responsibilities Under the Contract Of Employment
Dr Alice Belcher, University of Dundee Labour Law and Corporate Governance: Regulation of the Abuse of Power 
Paul Benjamin, Cheadle, Thompson and Hayson, South Africa Union Made Law? Regulating Collective Bargaining and Worker Participation in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Professor Brian Bercusson, University of Manchester Transnational Trade Union Rights
Professor Christopher Bovis, University of Central Lancashire The Compatibility of the Transfer of Undertakings Rules and Competitive Tendering
Professor William Brown, Wolfson College, University of Cambridge Will Statutory Trade Union Recognition Rights Amount to Anything in Practice?
Eugenia Caracciolo di Torella, University of Sussex A Critical Assessment of the EC Legislation Aiming at Reconciling Work and Family Life: Lessons from the Scandinavian Model
Professor Hugh Collins, London School of Economics and Political Science Oblique Regulation: Labour Standards and Product Standards
Joanne Conaghan, University of Kent The 'Family-Friendly' Workplace: Reassessing Equality Strategies
Holly Cullen, University of Durham The Interaction of Forms of Regulation in International Labour Law
Dr Simon Deakin and Dr Frank Wilkinson, ESRC Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge Labour Law and Economic Theory: A Reappraisal
Olusoji O. Elias, University of Buckingham Transnational Regulation of the Legal Profession
Professor Barry Fitzpatrick, University of Ulster Objectives of European Regulation
Sandra Fredman, Exeter College, University of Oxford Discrimination Law: Individual Rights or Labour Market Regulation?
Professor Mark Freedland, St John's College, Oxford University Efficacy and Personal Scope in Contract and Statute Law
Mark Hall, University of Warwick Implementing the European Work Council Directive
Dr S.T. Hardy, University of Salford The Acquired Rights Directive - A Case of Economic and Social Rights at Work
Professor Bob Hepple QC, Clare College, University of Cambridge A Race to the Top? International Investment Guidelines and Corporate Codes of Conducts
Michael Jefferson, University of Sheffield When Self-regulation Breaks Down
Professor Karl Klare, Northeastern University, USA Countervailing Workers' Power as a Regulatory Strategy: Erosion of the Social and Institutional Underpinnings
Professor Patricia Leighton, Manchester Metropolitan University The Nature of Employment Status in Europe
David Lewis and Stepehn Homewood, University of Middlesex Defining the Public Interest in Legislation: The Case of Employment Protection for Whistleblowers
Lord McCarthy, Emeritus Fellow of Nuffield and Templeton Colleges, University of Oxford Collective Consultation by Elected Employee Representatives - Future Prospects and Present Doubts
Aileen McColgan, King's College London Regulating Pay Discrimination
Dr Christopher McCrudden, Lincoln College, University of Oxford International Economic Law and Labour Rights
Professor D. Metcalf, london School of Economics and Political Science Implementation of the National Minimum Wage
Professor Gillian Morris, Brunel University Do Public Services Require Additional Regulation?
John O'Leary and Andrew Caiger, Anglia Polytechnic University The Re-regulation of Football and its Impact on Employment Contracts
Professor Anthony Ogus, University of Manchester New Techniques for Social Regulation: Decentralisation and Diversity
Dr Ralf Rogowski, University of Warwick Deregulation of the Labour Market: A Comparison of Four Approaches
Dr Tony Royale, Nottingham Trent University The Effectiveness of Legislatively Underpinned Institutions of Workplace Representation in Europe: The Case of McDonalds
Sanjiv Sachdev and Dr Frank Wilkinson, ESRC centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge Raising the Stakes: The Theory and Rise of Stakeholding
Paul Skidmore, University of Bristol Enforcement of the Minimum Wage
Paul Smith and Gary Morton, University of Keele Fairness at Work; A critique
Phil Syrpis, University of Bristol The Integrationist Rationale for Community Social Policy
Paul Todd, Cardiff Law School Action Short of Dismissal
Professor Brian Towers, Nottingham Trent University; Emeritus Professor of Industrial Relations, University of Strathclyde Collective Bargaining, Voluntarism and the Law: The Case of Britain and the USA
Richard Townshend-Smith, University of Wales, Swansea Justifying Discrimination Law in Terms of greater Rationality of Decision-making
Charlotte Villiers, University of Glasgow Section 309, Companies Act 1985: Is it Time for a Reappraisal?
Professor Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University of Hull Employment Law as a Framework for Business Facilitation
Bob Watt, University of Essex Three Models of Unfair Dismissal: 'Due Process', 'Efficiency' and 'Association'
Roger Welch, University of Portsmouth The Indispensability of Collective Bargaining
Dr Stephen Wood, London School of Economics and Political Science The Law versus Collective Bargaining as a Means of Securing Labour Standards: where is the Debate Now?
Michael Wynn, University College Northampton Social Dialogue: Harmonization or Divergence
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