W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 2000

Comparative Law in the Twenty First Century

The 27th W G Hart Legal Workshop, again subsidised by the eponymous bequest, was held at the Institute from 4th to 6th July 2000 and addressed the theme: Comparative Law in the Twenty First Century. 27 papers were presented at the Workshop.

The W G Hart Workshop 2000: an appreciation (PDF) - article by Professor Esin Örücü (Academic Co-Director) from Amicus Curiae Issue 32, November 2000

Published Proceedings:

Comparative law in the 21st century / edited by Andrew Harding and Esin Örücü.
London ; New York : Kluwer Law International, c2002
IALS classmark: SB5 HAR

Academic Directors:

  • Professor Andrew Harding (School of Oriental and African Studies)
  • Professor Esin Örücü (University of Glasgow)
Workshop Speakers:
Dr Efstathios Banakas, University of East Anglia
The Contribution of Comparative Law to the Harmonisation of European Private Law
Professor John Bell, University of Leeds
Is Public Law Different from Private Law in its Evolution and Culture?
Professor David Carey-Miller, University of Aberdeen
South Africa: A World in One Country on the Long Road to Reality
Professor Calum Carmichael, Faculty of Comparative Literature, Cornell University, USA
Religious Claims about Biblical Law
Professor Roger Cotterrell, Queen Mary
Seeking Similarity, Appreciating Difference: Comparative Law and Communities
Professor Peter De Cruz, University of Staffordshire
Legal Transplants: Principles and Pragmatism in Comparative Family Law
Professor Janet Dine and Dr Frèdèrique Dahan, University of Essex
The Benefits and Limits of Comparative Law in the Drafting Legislative Process of
Transition Economies
Catherine Dupre, University of Birmingham
The Logic of Importing Law: The Hungarian Experience
Professor Silvio Ferrari, University of Milan, Italy
Canon Law as a Religious Legal System
Nick Foster, School of Oriental and African Studies
Transmigration and Transferability of Commercial Law in a Globalised World
Professor Andrew Harding, School of Oriental and African Studies
Comparative Public Law: A South East Asian Perspective
John Hatchard, General Secretary, Commonwealth Legal Education Association
Comparing Constitutions in Southern Africa
Andrew Huxley, School of Oriental and African Studies
Buddhism as a Religious Legal System
Professor Bernard Jackson, Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Manchester
Judaism as a Religious Legal System
Professor Jeffrey Jowell, University College London
The Evolution of Public Law in South Africa
Dr Wendy Kennett, University of Keele
Enforcement of Civil Judgements and Regulation of Enforcement Agents
Dr Melanie Latham, Manchester Metropolitan University
European Bioethical Legislation: Is Consensus Possible?
Peter Leyland, University of North London
Oppositions and Fragmentations: In Search of a Formula for Comparative Analysis?
Angus Macdonald, University of Staffordshire
A Constitution for Europe?
Dr Werner Menski, School of Oriental and African Studies
Hinduism as a Religious Legal System
Professor David Nelken, Macerata University, Italy and Cardiff Law School, University of Wales
Legal Transplants and Beyond
Professor Esin Örücü, University of Glasgow
‘Unde Venit, Quo Tendit’ Comparative Law?
Coralie Raffenne, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
Lessons to be Drawn from the Failed Transmigration of the Trust into French Law
Professor Jan Smits, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands
The Use of Legal Transplants in a Future Ius Commune Europaeum: Explaining and
Predicting Successful Legal Transplants
Dr Robert Thomas, University of Manchester
Continental Principles in English Administrative Law
Professor Walter van Gerven, University of Leuven, Belgium
The Use of Comparative Law as a Tool for Developing the European Union
Dr Lynn Welchman, School of Oriental and African Studies
Islam as a Religious Legal System
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