W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 2002

The Idea of Property and Obligations in Law

The 29th W G Hart Legal Workshop, once again subsidised by the eponymous bequest, was held at the Institute from 1st July to 3rd July 2002 and addressed the theme: The Idea of Property and Obligations in Law. The aim of the Workshop was to consider the tensions within the laws of property and of obligations. The proper delineation and categorisation of these subjects is keenly contested not only within the established categories of contract law, tort law, property law and so forth, but also in other fields which rely heavily on these fundamental concepts: in particular company law, family law, intellectual property law, commercial law, and even welfare law. Added to these long-standing debates about the nature of property and obligations in law and in equity are questions about their relationship to human rights law and legal theory. The Workshop featured over 50 papers delivered by participants from the UK and overseas.

Published Proceedings:

The idea of property and obligations in law : W G Hart Workshop, Monday 1 July - Wednesday 3 July 2002 / academic directors, Alastair Hudson and Alan Dignam.
London : Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 2002.
IALS classmark: FOL SJ300 HUD

Academic Directors:

  • Dr Alistair Hudson (Queen Mary, University of London)
  • Dr Alan Dignam (Queen Mary, University of London)
Workshop Speakers:
John Armour, Cambridge University & Michael J Whincop, Griffith University, Australia
The Proprietary Structure of Corporate Law
Anne Barlow, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Rights in the Family Home – Time for a Conceptual Revolution?
Anne Barron, London School of Economics
The Concept of Property in Copyright Law
Dr Joanna Benjamin, London School of Economics
Interests in Securities
Anne Bottomley, University of Kent
'Rise up and Seize the land!': Property and Prosperity in English Garden Cities
Susan Bright, St Hilda’s College, Oxford
The Concept of the Tolerated Trespasser
Diane Chapelle, Liverpool John Moores University
Positive Covenants in Freehold Land
Dr Lorie Charlesworth, Liverpool John Moores University
How Poor Law Rights were Lost. A Consideration of the Roots of the Ideological Revival of the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act in the 21st Century
Maggie Conway, University of North London
From "Boland" to "O’Brien"
Elizabeth Cooke, University of Reading
The Land Registration Act 2002 and the Nature of Title
David Cowan, University of Bristol
‘What have you been to jail for?’: Housing Need as Tenantability
Dr Alan Dignam, Queen Mary, University of London
Who Owns the Corporate Property? A Constitutional/Human Rights Critique
Professor Janet Dine, University of Essex
Property Rights, Companies and International Trade
Martin Dixon, Robinson College, Cambridge
Property Obligations
Rod Edmunds, University of Sussex
Locating Group Homes in the Planning Process
Dr Paula Giliker, Queen Mary, University of London
The Relationship between Property Law and Tort Law
Dr Nicola Glover-Thomas and Warren Barr, University of Liverpool
Housing An Individual: Property Problems With The Mentally Vulnerable
Gerwyn Griffiths, University of Glamorgan
Missed or Misguided? Formality, Land Contracts and the Statute of Frauds
Jonathan Griffiths, Queen Mary, University of London
In Search of "Works" - The Nature of Property in Copyright Law
Professor Henry Hansmann, Yale Law School, USA
Legal Entities, Asset Partitioning, and The Evolution of Organizations
Steve Hedley, Christ’s College, Cambridge
The Taxonomy of Restitution
Hilary Hiram and Jane Mair, Glasgow University
A Leonine Partnership: Marriage, Undue Influence and the Matrimonial Home
Dr Alastair Hudson, Queen Mary, University of London
Equity - The Limits of Social Justice through Individualisation Perspectives on Property and Obligations in Law The Unbearable Lightness of Property
Paddy Ireland, University of Kent
Property, Contract and the Corporation
Professor Peter Jaffey, Brunel University
The Theory of Unjust Enrichment
David Lametti, McGill University, Canada
The Nature of Property in Law
Anna Lawson, University of Leeds
Land Law and the Creation of Disability
Professor Sheldon Leader, University of Essex
Participation, Corporate Power, and Two Kinds of Property Rights
Professor Gerard McCormack, University of Manchester
Form and Substance and the Idea of Property in the Context of Secured Financing; Anglo-American Perspectives
Gerard McMeel, University of Bristol
On the Redundancy of the Concept of Bailment
Eoin O’Dell, Trinity College Dublin
Resulting Trusts and Restitution: Or, There's No Such Thing as a Restitutionary Resulting Trust and It's a Good Thing Too!
David Pearce, University of Leeds
The Nature of Private Law Rights
James Penner, London School of Economics
Companies: Contract, Property, Trust, Agency
Gavin Phillipson, Durham University
Human Rights and Confidentiality
Professor Sol Picciotto, University of Lancaster and Professor David Campbell, Cardiff University
The Antinomies of Intellectual Property: Rationing, Regulation, Remedies and Revenues
Rebecca Probert, University of Warwick
Family Law and Property Law: Competing Spheres in the Regulation of the Family Home?
Chris Riley, Newcastle University/Durham University
The 'Company As Property' Debate: Asking The Wrong Questions
Dr Craig Rotheram, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge
The Relationship between Property and Unjust Enrichment
Professor Geoffrey Samuel, University of Kent at Canterbury
Property and Obligations: Continental and Comparative Perspectives
Susan Scott-Hunt, Middlesex University and Dr Hilary Lim, University of East London
Are there Feminist Perspectives on Equity and Trusts?
Ian Snaith, University of Leicester
Mutuals and Co-operatives
Dr Chantal Stebbings, University of Exeter
State Intervention and Private Property Rights in Victorian England
William Swadling, Brasenose College, Oxford
Trusts in the Map of the Law
Professor Andrew Tettenborn, University of Exeter
Categorising those Claims Falling within Unjust Enrichment
David Townend, University of Sheffield
Social Welfare Issues in Intellectual Property Law
Graham Virgo, Downing College, Cambridge,
Foskett v. McKeown
Dr Lisa Whitehouse, University of Hull
The Company as Property – Implications for the Regulation of Corporate Power
Professor Nick Wikeley, University of Southampton
Valuing Co-owners' Interests in Property: A Social Security Perspective
Simone Wong, University of Kent
Re-thinking Rosset from a Human Rights’ Perspective
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