W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 2003

EU Law for the 21st Century: Re-thinking the New Legal Order

The 30th W G Hart Legal Workshop, once again subsidised by the eponymous bequest, was held at the Institute from 25th June to 27th June 2003 and addressed the theme: EU Law for the 21st Century: Re-thinking the New Legal Order. The Workshop concentrated on three main fields, European constitutionalism in the 21st century; the future of the internal market; and international challenges.

Published Proceedings:

European Union law for the twenty-first century : rethinking the new legal order / edited by Takis Tridimas & Paolisa Nebbia. Oxford : Hart, 2004.
IALS classmark: GO1.A1.C.1 TRI

Academic Directors:

  • Professor Takis Tridimas (University of Southampton)
  • Professor David O'Keefe (University College London)
Workshop Speakers:
Antonis Antoniadis, University of Durham
The Participation of the EC in the WTO Dispute Settlement: An External Look at EU Constitution-building
Professor Tony Arnull, University of Birmingham
Protecting Fundamental Rights in Europe’s New Constitutional Order
Dr Catherine Barnard, Trinity College, Cambridge
The Working Time Directive: A Case-Study on the Implementation of Community law
Dr Antonio Bavasso, Allen & Overy/University College London
Regulation and Antitrust Principles: The Example of Communications as a New Model in the European Legal Order
Professor Brian Bercusson, King’s College London
The Institutional Architecture of the European Social Model
Professor George Bermann, Columbia Law School
The Constitutional Convention: Reflections on the Division of Competences
Dr Andrea Biondi, King’s College London
The Rule of Reason in EC State Aid Law
Dr Ingrid Boccardi, University College London
EU Asylum Policy in the Making: The European Common Asylum System
Professor Christopher Bovis, University of Central Lancashire
Public Procurement and the Internal Market of the 21st Century: Economics versus Policy Choice Market
Sophie Boyron, University of Birmingham
Constitutionalism and Competing Constitutions
Fernne Brennan, University of Essex
The Race Directive: Recycling Racial Equality
Dr Dermot Cahill, University College Dublin
Competition and Protected Services in the EU - The Onward March of Art. 86
Dr Eugenia Caracciolo Di Torella, University of Leicester; Annick Masselot, University of Leeds
The Future of Sex Equality in EU Law
Professor Paul Craig, St John’s College, Oxford
The Constitutional Treaty, the Hierarchy of Norms and the Implications for Inter-Institutional Balance of Power
Professor Marise Cremona, Queen Mary, University of London
Enlargement: A Successful Instrument of Foreign Policy?
Professor Deirdre Curtin, University of Utrecht
The EU Executive and the Constitution
Mike Cuthbert and Sarah Willis, University College Northampton
The European Commission - Should it be at the Centre of the Future European Union?
Dr Adam Cygan, University of Leicester
The Role of Domestic Legislatures in an Enlarged EU
Professor Alan Dashwood, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge
(untitled paper)
Professor Gráinne de Búrca, European University Institute
Beyond the Status of the Charter: Enlarging the Human Rights Policy of the EU
Professor Eileen Denza, University College London
Lines in the Sand - between Common Foreign Policy and Single Foreign Policy
Jan Dormann, University of Manchester
The Impact of Justice and Home Affairs Policy on the Future of the Internal Market
Dr Michael Dougan, Downing College, Cambridge
What is the Point of Francovich?
Professor Piet Eeckhout, King’s College London
The EU and the WTO: Intercourse between New Legal Orders
Dr Penny English, Vicky Allsopp and Penny Kent, Middlesex University
The Future of Merger Control in the EC
Dr Michelle Everson, Birkbeck College
Justifying Juridification within and beyond The Market: the “Constitutionalised” Origins of European Law
Professor Roger Goebel, Fordham Law School
The Challenge of Central European Enlargement: The Evolving Acquis Communautaire
Dr Christoph Herrmann, Universität Bayreuth
Gripping Global Governance - The External Relations of the EU between the Treaty of Nice and the Convention on the Future of Europe
Dr Chris Hilson, University of Reading
The Role of Discretion in EU Law
Jeff Kenner, University of Nottingham
Exporting the European Social Model: A Post-Colonial Legal Framework?
Dr Panos Koutrakos, University of Birmingham
When does Diversity Cease to Be a Weakness? The Presence of the European Union in the International Scene
Dr Hélène Lambert, University of Exeter,
A Missed Opportunity? EU Law and Asylum in the 21st Century
Dr Melanie Latham, Manchester Metropolitan University
Biomedicine, Bioethics and the EU
Dominique Lauterburg, Manchester Metropolitan University
Free Trade or Fair Trade? An Examination of the Relationship between the WTO, the EU and Developing Nations and the Challenge of Achieving Global Food Security
Judge Koen Lenaerts, European Court of First Instance
Judicial Review as a Contribution to the Development of European Constitutionalism
Kim Marshall, University of Westminster
EU Competition Law for the 21st Century: One Size Fits All?
Susan Millns, University of Kent
Bio-Rights, Common Values and Constitutional Strategies
Giorgio Monti, London School of Economics
New Directions in EC Competition Law?
Rodolphe Munoz, European Institute of Legal Studies, University of Liege
The Development of Ex-Ante Control Mechanisms Regarding the Internal Market Implementation
Paolisa Nebbia, University of Southampton
Contract Law Harmonization and the Internal Market
Dr Peter Oliver, EC Commission Legal Service
Competition Law and Free Movement: Their Place in the Treaty
Professor Steve Peers, University of Essex,
The Emerging EU Immigration and Asylum Regime: Mutual Recognition or Protection Model?
Dr Catherine Phuong, University of Newcastle
Asylum and Immigration in the Context of Enlargement
Sara Poli, European University Institute, Italy
How Wide is the Scope of Member States’ Powers to Introduce Unilateral Measures in the Draft Regulation on Genetically Modified Food and Feed?
Emily Reid, University of Sussex
Squaring the Circle of Tomorrow's World: A Comparative Analysis of the Approaches of the EC and WTO to Balancing Economic and Non-Economic interests in International Trade
Professor Malcolm Ross, University of Sussex
Public Services: Between Competition and Citizenship
Professor Wulf-Henning Roth, University of Bonn
Export of Goods and Services within the European Union
Dr Bernard Ryan, University of Kent
Contextual Constitutionalism in the European Union
Professor Jo Shaw, University of Manchester
Constitutionalisation of Transnational Political Parties in the EU
Dr Jukka Snell, University of Wales, Swansea
And Then There Were Two: Free Movement of Products and Citizens in Community Law
Professor Erika Szyszczak, University of Leicester
State Intervention and the Internal Market
Dr Helen Toner, The Queen’s College, Oxford
Modernising Partnership Rights in EC Family Reunification Law
Professor Takis Tridimas, University of Southampton
Memoirs of a Treaty Author
Dr Martin Trybus, University of Nottingham
Defence: At the Borderline between Community and Member State Competence
Samantha Velluti, University of Leicester
The European Employment Strategy and the Challenges of Enlargement
Professor John Usher, University of Edinburgh
EMU: the Sine Qua Non of Freedom to Provide Financial Services?
Dr Angela Ward, University of Essex
The EU Judicial Architecture in Comparative Perspective
Professor Stephen Weatherill, Somerville College, Oxford
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