W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 2006

The Retreat of the State: Challenges to Law and Lawyers

The 33rd W G Hart Legal Workshop ran from 27th to 29th June 2006 under the title: The Retreat of the State: Challenges to Law and Lawyers. Delegates to the three-day event heard talks from over 30 speakers from the UK, Greece, the USA and Ireland on a diversity of topics.

Academic Directors:

  • Professor Linda Mulcahy, Birkbeck College, University of London
  • Professor Christopher Bovis, Lancashire Law School, University of Central Lancashire
  • Professor Sally Wheeler, Queen's University Belfast
Workshop Speakers:
Dr Alice Belcher, University of Dundee
The State, Auditors and Audit Quality
Nick Bernard, Queen Mary, University of London
Can Governance Networks be Constitutionalised? A Lacanian perspective
Christopher Bovis, Lancashire Law School, University of Central Lancashire
The Procurement of Public-Private Partnerships
Professor David Cowan, University of Bristol
Regulating Social Housing – new models of governance
Dr Alan Dignam, Queen Mary, University of London and Dr Michael Galanis,
Department of Foreign Affairs, Greek Ministry of Justice
Cumulative Causation and the Decline of the Managerial Corporation
Dr Anne-Maree Farrell and Dr Angela Melville, University of Manchester
Retreat of the State? The Politics of Clinical Negligence Reform in England and
Professor Marc Galanter, University of Wisconsin School of Law
The Privatisation of Justice and the Vanishing Trial
Professor John Harrington, University of Liverpool
State – Space – Law: Judicial Rhetoric and the National Health Service
Emily Haslam (University of Kent) and Rod Edmunds (Queen Mary, London)
Victims, Retreat from the State and the Privatisation of International Criminal
Liz Heffernan, University College Dublin
Expert Evidence and the Evolving Trial Process
Professor Paddy Ireland, University of Kent
Law and the Neo-Liberal State
Dr Bettina Lange, Keele University
Open and closed Norms in the Transnational Legal Order of the EU
Ioannis Lianos, University College London
Public Private Partnerships and the Reformation of Public Law in Europe
Professor Doreen McBarnet, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford University
Complementary Controls? Corporate Social Responsibility and Law
Dr Morag McDermot, Professor Dave Cowan, Jessica Prendergrast, University
of Bristol
Expertise and the Governing Body
Dr Owen McIntyre, University College, Cork
The Retreat of the State from the Realm of International Freshwater Law
Professor Janet McLean, University of Dundee
The Juridified State
Olga Martin-Ortega, Napier University
Public Private Partnerships for Corporate Social Responsibility – moving away
from minimum regulatory frameworks?
Professor Linda Mulcahy, Birkbeck College
Architects of Justice – The retreat from participatory justice
Dr Amanda Perry-Kessaris, Birkbeck College
Foreign investment, host states and national law in a new light: The host state
as custodian and consumer of a communal legal system
Professor Sol Picciotto, University of Lancaster
Regulatory Networks and Global Governance
Professor Simon Roberts, London School of Economics
ADR and the Contemporary Expansion of State Power
Professor Colin Scott, University College Dublin
Gatekeepers in Regulatory Regimes
Professor Frank Stephens, University of Manchester
The Vanishing Trial and the Privatisation of Justice
Dr Claire Valier, Birkbeck College, and Dr Sean Coyle, University College London
Statism and the Philosophy of Law
Dr Mary Vogel, King’s College London
Plea Bargaining and Democratic Politics: Discretionary Informality in Historical Context
Declan Walsh, University College, Cork
The Privatisation of EC Competition Law
Lisa Webley, Pamela Abrams, Sylvie Bacquet, University of Westminster
Court Adjudication or Court Mediation? You decide …or rather your solicitor will
Professor Sally Wheeler, Queen’s University of Belfast
Cakes and Ale – The State Handover to the Corporate Sector
Dewi Williams, Staffordshire Law School
The Handover of Public Governance Functions to the Private Corporation
Mazin Zeki
Social housing in a privatized context
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