W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 2008

Theory and Practice of Harmonisation

The 35th W G Hart Legal Workshop addressed the theme Theory and Practice of Harmonisation with some 47 papers given by participants from the UK and a number of overseas countries, including Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, and the USA. The Workshop was held at the Institute from Tuesday 24th to Thursday 26 June 2008.

Academic Directors:

  • Professor Mads Andenas, University of Oslo

W. G. Hart Legal Workshop 2008 - Programme of speakers and papers (pdf)
W. G. Hart Legal Workshop 2008 - Abstracts (pdf)

Workshop Speakers:
Dr Orkun Akseli, University of Newcastle Law School
Harmonisation of Secured Transactions Laws: A Comparative and International Perspective
Dr Anneli Albi, University of Kent
The EU’s ‘external governance’ and legislative approximation by the neighbours:
Challenges for the classic constitutional templates
Merris Amos, Queen Mary, University of London
Harmonisation with international human rights standards: British courts and the European Court of Human Rights
Professor Mads Andenas, University of Oslo; University of Leicester; Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Theory and practice of harmonisation: an introduction to the programme
Stylianos Andreadakis, University of Leicester
Regulatory competition vs harmonisation: is there a third way?
Dr Camilla Andersen, University of Leicester
Uniform Commercial Law – An Example of a Global Jurisconsultorium
Dr Yutaka Arai, University of Kent Law School
The Margin of Appreciation as an Exception to Uniform Standards in Human Rights
Ross Ashcroft, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Harmonisation of substantive legal principles: lessons from environmental laws in a Federal Legal System
Dr Mohamed Elewa Badar, Brunel University
International Criminal Law and national legal systems
Professor Hugh Beale, QC, FBA, University of Warwick
The “academic” DCFR of February 2008
Professor Gerrit Betlem, University of Southampton
Beyond Francovich: Completing the Unified Member State and
EU Liability Regime
Dr Giovanni Cogliandro, University of Rome
Harmonisation and the Rule of Law. Theoretical Troubles and New Hopes
Professor Jan Dalhuisen, King’s College London
European Harmonisation and Its Contribution to a Theory of Harmonisation
Serhat Eskiyoruk, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Harmonisation on the Enforcement of Arbitral Awards
Dr Gail E Evans, Queen Mary, University of London
The Impact of WTO Appellate Body Jurisprudence on the Harmonization of Trademark Law in the European Union
Dr Amandine Garde, University of Exeter
The relationship between measures of minimum and measures of maximum harmonisation
Miriam Goldby, University of Surrey
The Draft UNCITRAL Convention on the Carriage of Goods by Sea and arbitration: The road to autonomy of international law on carriage of goods?
Dr. Sandeep Gopalan, Arizona State University
A Demandeur-Centric Approach to Transnational Commercial Law
Dr Maren Heidemann, University of Westminster
International Commercial Harmonisation and National Resistance
René Franz Henschel, Aarhus School of Business, University of Aarhus
Creation of rules in National and International Business Law: A Non-National, Analytical-Synthetic Comparative Method.
Professor Sir Francis Jacobs QC
Opening Address on Theory and Practice of Harmonisation
Irini Katsirea, Middlesex University
How far are national broadcasting orders converging as a consequence of European media law and policy?
Jimmy Kodo, University of Paris XII, Creteil, France; and University of Hertfordshire
Harmonisation of business law: the experience of Africa
Emilia Korkea-aho, University of Helsinki
ENISA and New Forms of Approximation: Towards a Transnational Theory of Harmonisation?
Michail Kritikos, University of Exeter
Procedural harmonization in the EU’s GMO Authorization Framework
Katherine Lim, BPP Law School
The Common Frame of Reference in European contract law: an inspired idea or a distraction?
Professor Gerard McCormack, University of Leeds
The European Common Frame of Reference and Credit Securities – a suitable case for treatment?
Isidora Maletic, King’s College London
Harmonisation and Regulatory Differentiation within the European Internal Market Examining the European harmonisation process with specific regard to the derogations contained within Article 95 EC
Dr Jurgita Malinauskaite, Brunel University
International Competition Law Harmonisation and the WTO: Past, Present and Future
Professor A F M Maniruzzaman, University of Portsmouth
Transnational Commercial Law in the Age of Globalisation
Jonathan Mukwiri, University of Leicester
Harmonisation of European takeover regulations as affected by legal systems, legislative process, and national transposition of the Takeover Directive
Rodolphe Munoz, Université de Liège
The new approach: the end or a new beginning
Adaora Okwor, University of Sheffield
Lex Mercatoria as Transnational Commercial Law: Is the claim that the Lex Mercatoria is preferentially for the ‘mercatocracy’ true?
Dr Antonios E Platsas, University of Derby
Legal Convergence around the World: Fact or Fiction?
Dr Leone Niglia, University of Aberdeen
The Europeanisation of Private Law through the Looking Glass of Legal Transplants - A New Analysis of the Harmonisation Project
Annette Nordhausen, University of Manchester
From Sectoral Harmonisation to a European Code within one Generation?
Ricardo M. Pereira, University of Essex
Models of Harmonisation of Environmental Criminal Law: Unification, Approximation, Co-operation or a Mixed Method?
Dr Ralf Rogowski, University of Warwick
Harmonisation or Reflexive Coordination of Law and Policy? Thoughts on New Governance in the European Union
Dr Jacobien W Rutgers, VU University, Amsterdam
The Common Frame of Reference in European Contract Law; soft law and civil society
Professor Dagmar Schiek, University of Leeds
Comparative Law and European Harmonisation – a match made in heaven or uneasy bedfellows?
Dr Constantin Stefanou, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Small states and EU harmonization
Dr Phil Syrpis, University of Bristol
Should the EU be attempting to harmonise national systems of labour law?
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