W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 2011

Sovereignty in Question

The W G Hart Legal Workshop 2011 addressed the theme Sovereignty in Question. The Workshop was held at the Institute from Tuesday 28th to Thursday 30th June 2011.

Academic Directors:

  • Professor Richard Rawlings (University College London)
  • Professor Peter Leyland (London Metropolitan University)
  • Dr Alison Young (University of Oxford).

W. G. Hart Legal Workshop 2011 - Programme of speakers and papers (pdf)

Plenary speakers:
Professor Damian Chalmers, London School of Economics
The sovereign norm and EU law
Professor Paul Craig, University of Oxford
The EU Bill, Law, Politics and Discourse
Professor David Feldman, University of Cambridge
Comparative reflections on sovereignty and constitutionalism
Professor Jeffrey Goldsworthy, Monash University, Australia
Possible Futures for Parliamentary Sovereignty
Professor Carol Harlow, London School of Economics
Courts and sovereignty: king, kingmaker and regicide
Lord Hope of Craighead
A view from the Bench
Judge Christopher Greenwood, ICJ
A view from the international Bench
Professor Sir Jeffrey Jowell, University College London
Sovereignty and writing constitutions
Professor Martin Loughlin, London School of Economics
Concepts of sovereignty
Professor John Morison, Queen's University, Belfast
Sovereignty and Transition: Making the Weather or Changing the Climate?
Aidan O'Neill QC, Matrix Chambers, London
When and why is Scotland like Guantanamo Bay? Reflections on Boumediene v. Bush in the US Supreme Court
Professor Dan Sarooshi, University of Oxford
Sovereign powers and international organisations
Professor Joanne Scott, University College London
Sovereignty , International Trade and Transnational Law
Professor Adam Tomkins, University of Glasgow
Beyond the legal v political constitution debate
Professor Neil Walker, University of Edinburgh
Sovereignty in transition


Workshop Panel Speakers:
Dr Anneli Albi, University of Kent
Constitutional values beyond sovereignty: How co-operative is the European Court of Justice with regard to national constitutions?
Angel Aday Jimenez Aleman, University of Vigo, Spain
The Twentieth Century's Inheritance: the Concept of Sovereignty in Carl Schmidtt, Hans Kelsen and Herman Heller
Merris Amos, Queen Mary, University of London
Reclaiming a little sovereignty? The benefits of dialogue with the European Court of Human Rights
Professor Mikhail Antonov, Higher School of Economics, Saint-Petersburg Branch, Russia
Theoretical issues of sovereignty in Russia
Dr Matej Avbelj, Graduate School of Government and European Studies, Slovenia
European Integration as a Union
Dr Margit Cohn, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Domestic Sovereignty: Hierarchies, Dialogues and Networks
Professor Lorenzo Cuocolo and Valentina Miscia, Bocconi University, Milan
Time for sovereignty: sovereign wealth funds and sovereign ratings
Giacomo Delledone, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy
Patterns of shared sovereignty: a comparative approach
Dr Maria Dicosola, Luiss Guido Carli, Rome, Italy
Conditionality and Constitutional Transitions: New Challenges to the Principle of Sovereignty?
Dr Andrea Dolcetti, St Hilda's College, Oxford
Legal sovereignty and constitutional pluralism: a jurisprudential oxymoron?
Dr Pavlos Eleftheriadis, University of Oxford
Sovereignty and the Rule of Law
Cristina Fasone,University of Siena, Italy
Rational legislative subsidiarity and shared parliamentary sovereignty in the European Union
Myriam Feinberg, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
The effects of regional counter-terrorism on state sovereignty
Professor Giuseppe Ferrari and Professor Oreste Pollicino, Università Bocconi, Milan
The Impact of the Supranational Laws on the National Sovereignty of Member States, with Particular Regard to the Judicial Reaction of UK and Italy to the New Aggressive Approach of the European Court of Human Rights
Professor Mariusz Jerzy Golecki, University of Lodz, Poland
Inclusive vs. Exclusive Sovereignty: The Primacy of the EU Law within Judicial Rulings of the National Constitutional and Supreme Courts
Dr Tamas Gyorfi, University of Aberdeen
Between the Tyranny of the Majority and the Rule of Platonic Guardians
Patricia Hobbs, University of Manchester
The power of language in the analysis of the relationship between the sovereignty principle and the international criminal law regime established by the Rome Statute: an ideological divide
Perry Keller, King's College London
Sovereignty in the Media State Relationship
Professor Tim Jones, Co-Director, Hywel Dda Institute, Swansea University
Wales, Devolution and Sovereignty
Professor Satvinder Juss, King's College London
Sovereignty, the Courts & Law Making
Professor Richard Kay, University of Connecticut
Constituent Authority
Perry Keller, King's College London
Sovereignty in the Media State Relationship
Dr Jan Kleinheisterkamp, London School of Economics
Investment Treaty Law and Sovereignty: Transnational Challenges and Solutions
Dr Dimitry Kochenov, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
The More There Is of Mine - the Less There Is of Yours'? A Subtle Fight for Citizens between the EU and Its Member States
Dr Ming-Sung Kuo, University of Warwick
Dialoguing with Sovereignties: Is Dialogue the Answer to Institutional Collisions in the Pluralist Constitutional Landscape?
Dr Konrad Lachmayer, University of Vienna, Austria
Sovereignty beyond Unity - Pluri-sovereign constitutional networks in action
Dr Stuart Lakin, University of Reading
Parliamentary Sovereignty and Legal Positivism: Nonsense on Stilts
Professor John McEldowney, University of Warwick;
Sovereignty in Question - Effective Judicial Review under the Rule of Law and One Party Dominance: A Case Study of the South African Experience
Professor Stefano Civitarese Matteucci, University of Chieti-Pescara and Professor Gianluca Gardini, University of Ferrara, Italy
Sovereignty at Stake: Italian Supreme Powers Give Way to Supranational Regulation'
Dr Alex Mills, Selwyn College, Cambridge
Normative individualism and jurisdiction in public and private international law: Toward a 'cosmopolitan sovereignty'?
Dr Cian Murphy, King's College London
The Limits of Pluralism and Multi-Level Governance: Targeted Sanctions and the United Kingdom
Tina Orsolic, Maastricht University; University of Zagreb
Sovereignty in the EU - (how) does it really matter?
Dr Matthew Parish, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
Abrogating Westphalia: The Perils of International Territorial Administration
Dr Axelle Reiter, European University Institute, Italy
Questioning Sovereignty in the Post-Westphalian International Legal Order
Professor Angelo Rinella, University of Rome LUMSA
Sovereignty in Question - The Judicial Challenge
Dr Francine Rochford, la Trobe University, Australia
Concepts Of Sovereignty And International Trade
Dr Michael Rodney, London South Bank University
The places of 'habit', 'routine' and 'habitus' in the relational dynamic of sovereignty'
Professor Yoshiaki Sato, Seikei University, Japan
Overhauling Sovereignty: Emergence of Cosmopolitan Law-Makers as Participants in the World Order
Dr Kirsten Sellars
The criminalisation of aggression and issue of sovereignty
Professor Allan Tatham, Péter Pázmány Catholic University, Budapest, Hungary
Preserving Sovereignty, Avoiding the Supranational Moment? The EU as the Anti-Model for regional judiciaries
Robert Taylor, University of Durham
Complementary Constitutionalism: Sovereignty and Accountability under the British Constitution
Dr Michael Wilkinson, London School of Economics
European Constitutionalism beyond the state: disaggregation or disintegration of the constitutional idea?
Professor Eugene Kheng Boon TAN, Singapore Management University
Re-calibrating National and Pooled Sovereignty in Southeast Asia: Nudging Towards Persuasion, Learning and Regional Cooperation
Dr Siobhán Wills, University College, Cork
Defining the Concept of ''State'' for the Purposes of the Legal Characterization of Armed Conflict
Claus Zimmermann, University of Oxford
A Contemporary Concept of Monetary Sovereignty and its Implications
Dr Jan Van Zyl Smit, Oxford Brookes University
Statutory Interpretation and Legislative Authority under the HRA 1998
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