European Journal of Law Reform

The key purpose of the European Journal of Law Reform is to respond to growing demand among scholars, legislators and practitioners of law in the private and public sectors for a forum for authoritative views on law reform in Europe and the World. A related purpose is to provide a systematic review of major initiatives for reform of laws and legal practice. For this purpose, the European Journal of Law Reform will:

  • provide a platform for interdisciplinary debate on proposals for law reform in Europe and elsewhere;
  • seek creative contributions to theory and practice of law that challenge established paradigms and offer fresh approaches to both long-standing and new issues;
  • publish high-quality, authoritative opinion on law reform that often originates in lesser known languages;
  • highlight particularly significant law reform initiatives in Europe and elsewhere.

Drawing on contributions from recognized authorities and younger experts in law and related disciplines, the European Journal of Law Reform will focus on:

  • reform of national law in Western industrialized States, mainly but not only in Europe, including the challenge of science, technology and socio-cultural change to established methods of creation, legislation, interpretation and adjudication of law;
  • reform of the legal and regulatory environment in Central and Eastern Europe;
  • reform of the legal system of the European Union;
  • reform and development of (European private) international law and international procedural law;
  • challenges in public international law and the international protection of human rights.

The European Journal of Law Reform is jointly edited at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London, the University of Basel Law Faculty and Europainstitut, as well as at Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis. By applying a very selective editorial policy and a system of independent and anonymous review of submissions, the European Journal of Law Reform ensures the highest academic standards, soon to become a leading journal on law reform in the world.

Page last updated: 16th February 2016