The Centre for Financial Law, Regulation & Compliance (FinReg) is primarily focused on legal aspects of financial law/regulation/compliance, but is also a multi- and inter-disciplinary centre engaging with experts from other disciplines such as sociology, criminology, psychology, business, politics, and international development. 

The purpose of the Centre is to promote knowledge and understanding of financial law/regulation/compliance, broadly construed. For example, the Centre embraces the study of traditional aspects of financial law, regulation theory and processes, economic/financial crime, development of white-collar crime (eg LIBOR), compliance and procedural justice, the psychology of regulation, and financial sanctions. The Centre acts as a national and international hub for promotion and facilitation of research in these areas.  

IALS has a long history and reputation for excellence in financial law-related research. That research reputation is reflected in the array of current and previous doctoral researchers in this area: recent graduates have successfully completed theses on, for example, financial compliance; tax avoidance; financial market regulation; international anti-money laundering regimes; anti-corruption in the private sector; alternative dispute resolution; securities regulation; and banking law, to name but a few examples. 

Expertise within IALS (both staff and PGRs) is complemented by a number of leading experts in financial law-related research areas amongst the Associate Research Fellows (including in the areas of tax law, international arbitration, regulation of financial markets, international business and tax law, and international financial crime, to name some examples). Further, a number of Visiting Fellows come to IALS each year to develop international, comparative research in the field. 

The ultimate objective of the Centre is to develop a reputation for research excellence across financial law, regulation and governance, as well as acting as a hub for the promotion and facilitation of research – both nationally and internationally – across these areas.  

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