Tuğçe Yalçin


Tuğçe Yalçın

What is the title of your thesis? Who are your supervisors? When did you start your doctoral research? 

The title of my thesis is "Warranty and Disclosure of Information in M&A Transactions in the Light of the Theory of Contract Law – Comparison of the Common Law and the Civil Law".

My supervisors are Dr Mahmood Bagheri and Dr Pierre Schammo. I started my doctoral studies in October 2019.

Tell us about your thesis.

My doctoral thesis analyses various contract law regimes with regard to practical and economic issues within M&A and financial transactions. Moreover, it shows the essential differences between the common law and civil law legal systems as well as the impact of the technology on the contemporary financial market.

What motivated you to study that topic? Why is that research important? 

As a lawyer within the M&A/Corporate department of a leading global law firm, I advised national and international clients on cross-border M&A and financial transactions, corporate restructurings, in corporate law, financial law, commercial law, private foundation law, European law, foreign trade law, including regulatory issues. 

When it came to the use of warranty regime and its limits in share purchase agreements in cross-border transactions, I found very crucial issues that were not uniformly resolved, substantial questions that remained unanswered as well as significant differences between the common law and civil law legal systems, especially in terms of the interpretation and understanding of contracts. 

The comprehensive, cross-border and comparative analysis of the English, German and Austrian warranty regimes and their limits in contracts as well as the exposition of relevant cases distinguishes my doctoral thesis from other national analyses and considerations.

What did you do before starting your PhD at IALS? 

I worked as a lawyer in the M&A/Corporate department of a leading global law firm and headed its "Austrian-China-Desk".  

Before then, I completed (i) the Master's degree in Law, (ii) the bilingual (German and English) Master's Programme in European Union Studies and (iii) the Bachelor's degree in Political Science. 

Why did you choose to study at IALS for your PhD? What do you most enjoy about IALS?

I chose to study at IALS because it is, founded in 1947, a leading legal research hub and a postgraduate research institute with a core of researchers, research students and legal information professionals as well as offers a world-class research environment to postgraduate students by its expertise within those areas that are related to and relevant for my research project.

I enjoy the opportunity to undertake original and extensive independent research and to make a distinctive contribution to my field under an exceptional supervision. The continuous support, useful trainings and intellectual exchanges in one to one meetings with professors and fellows denote the exceptionality of IALS' legal community. 

What do you hope to do at the end of your PhD? 

Publish a book about my thesis and combine my practice as a lawyer with the academic and lecturing practice. 

Anything else that you would like to add.

As the Editor-in-Chief of the IALS Student Law Review (ISLRev) – IALS' own peer-reviewed academic law journal – I would like to encourage postgraduate students to contribute to the ISLRev as it gives unique forum to present scholarly contributions and allows for publication on multi-dimensional legal studies (for detailed information, please see https://ials.sas.ac.uk/digital/ials-open-access-journals/ials-student-law-review). 

The journal publishes regularly articles, developing work or case notes which meet scholarly standards on all areas of law and features in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and in HeinOnline Law Journals Library. The latest issue of the ISLRev can be accessed here

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to email us using the ISLRev email address: ials.islr@sas.ac.uk or my university email address: Tugce.Yalcin@postgrad.sas.ac.uk

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