Spotlight On … FinReg Webinar Series on The Bribery Act

FinReg are delighted to host a number of webinars during the Autumn term with an exciting list of participants from research, policy and practitioner backgrounds.

The first webinar is in collaboration with the Law Commission, exploring different aspects of the Commission’s Consultation Paper on Confiscation under Part 2 of the Proceeds of Crime Act. Details of this webinar are available at: 

FinReg has also organised a series of webinars exploring different aspects of The Bribery Act. This ‘festival of webinars’ replaces the launch event for the centre (originally scheduled for May, but postponed due to the global pandemic) – each webinar corresponding to a panel from the original plans – across five weeks. The five webinars look at: 

Page last updated: 3rd November 2020