The Centre can be contacted at:

Dr Constantin Stefanou,
Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies,
Charles Clore House,
17 Russell Square,
London WC1B 5DR
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 20 78625861

[Mr Richard Nzerem] Honorary Director: TBA
Dr Constantin Stefanou Academic Director and Director of Research Programmes:
[Dr Constantin Stefanou] LLM Director-ALS: Dr Constantin Stefanou, e-mail:


Daniel Greenberg, Associate Research Fellow, email:
Prof. Ilias Bantekas, Associate Research Fellow, email:
John Gilhooly, Associate Research Fellow
[Awaiting picture] Jennifer Norman, Associate Research Fellow, email:
[Giulia Pennisi] Giulia Pennisi, Visiting Fellow
William Robinson, Associate Research Fellow
Jonathan Teasdale, Associate Research Fellow

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