The Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies is pleased to announce the establishment of a new Graduate Series of Seminars.  This series aims to promote research in legislation and law reform by provoking a dialogue amongst members of the IALS postgraduate community and beyond, at national, regional and international levels.  The academic convenors welcome offers of papers from graduate researchers relating to legislation and law reform, both from within IALS and further afield.  Thus the series offers a forum to all postgraduate students allowing them to present and receive feedback to the core argument, or even side arguments, of their work.  This helps researchers test the validity of their hypothesis, their chosen methodology, the structure of their analysis, and the universality or topicality of their conclusions.  It is hoped that the series will encourage early career researchers to present their work, while enriching research cross-fertilisation and research facilitation within the drafting and law reform community.

Those interested in offering a  seminar  should contact Dr Constantin Stefanou - Email:   and Mazhar Ilahi, Convener of the Graduate Series of Seminars  - Email: