Urban Law Day 2015

Title: Effective Legal Frameworks as a Tool for Sustainable Urban Development


This second Urban Law Day (6 July 2015) at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (University of London), will address the role and importance of effective functioning legal frameworks for sustainable urban development.


  • Lord Carnwath, Supreme Court and Chair to IALS Advisory Council
  • Robert Lewis-Lettington, UN-Habitat 
  • Luke Barfoot, Rachel Bickerton, and Joel Wolchover, Lawyers, Planning Reform, DCLG Legal Advisers – Government Legal Department
  • Nigel Rendell, Parliamentary Counsel, Office of the Parliamentary Counsel 
  • Professor Helen Xanthaki, Professor of Law and Legislative Drafting, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
  • Dr Maria Mousmouti, Executive Director of the Centre for European Constitutional Law, Athens and Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies 


Urban Law Day concept note (contains programme of events)

Presentations and Notes




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