September 2013

Mr. Raymond Gatera, Principal State Attorney at the Legislative Office of the Government of the Republic of Rwanda requested a draft piece of subsidiary legislation on the publication of Rwandan legislation by electronic means. 

 Article 3 paragraph 2 of the relevant primary legislation entitled "Determining the Publication, Notification and Commencement of official Acts, 2012" demands that subsidiary legislation is promulgated by the Prime Minister of Rwanda, who needs to determine the electronic means through which official acts are to be published. 

In response, the LDC drafted two different versions of legislation serving the same purpose. One draft was very brief and written in a traditional drafting style matching current Rwandan legislative expression. The second draft was detailed but simple, without compromising legislative accuracy. A third option offered to the client was a relevant piece of legislation from Australia, which could be used as a model in Rwanda. 

This project was undertaken by two student volunteers and seasoned drafters: Miss Catherine Ochanda from the Republic of Kenya, and Mr. Zulkhairi from Brunei. They served under the supervision of one of the Directors of LDC Dr. Mazhar Ilahi, who ensured quality of the finished product via several rounds of review both within the team and also within the management committee of the LDC. 

The clients were happy with the work were pleased to convey "Thank you very much for your response to my legal guidance request."