The Pilot Public Defender Solicitors Office (PDSO)

Work on the Public Defender Service, undertaken by Professor Sherr, Professor Lee Bridges of the University of Warwick, Professor Ed Cape of the University of the West of England, and Richard Moorhead of Cardiff Law School has followed the work of public defences offices in Birmingham, Cheltenham, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Pontypridd and Swansea. In each case the work of public defence solicitors has been compared with that of local private practice solicitors in similar work in the same geographical area. Data collected has covered the period up to November 2004. The expected analysis will cover the relative quality, cost, independence and organisation of the two different modes of delivery, as well as the general impact of the public defence service on the criminal justice system. Many of the techniques developed within the more general peer review system have been utilised in the Public Defender Project, and also tested there.

Page last updated: 12th November 2020