The Role of Punitive Damages in the English Law of Contract: Solution or Chimera?
Main supervisor:  Dr Constantin Stefanou
Second supervisor / SOR: Dr. Ioannis Glinavos
Emmanuel Saffa ABDULAI
A Critical Examination of Judicial Independence as a Bastion of Constitutionalism and Rule of Law in Sierra Leone
Main supervisor:  Professor Avrom Sherr
The Evolving Role of Scheme Members in the UK Occupational Pension Schemes and the Future of Member Engagement in Decision-Making'
Main supervisor:  Dr Mahmood Bagheri
Accountability of International Financial Institutions in light of Goal 16 SDGs: the Role of Multilateral Development Banks' Independent Accountability Mechanisms in promoting Sustainable Development
Main Supervisor: Professor Ilias Bantekas
Second Supervisor: Dr Constantin Stefanou
Reforming Legal Education: Should skills education be part of the academic stage of Legal Training? A comparative analysis of legal education approaches in England and selected Anglophone African countries
Main Supervisor:  Professor Avrom Sherr
Compliance and Regulations Under the International and European Law on the Gaming Industry 
Main supervisor: Professor Ilias Bantekas
Second supervisor / SOR: Dr Constantin Stefanou
Countering tax avoidance
Main supervisor: Professor Philip Baker QC
Second supervisor / SOR: Professor Helen Xanthaki
George M. DAOUD
The Evolving Nature of Financial Crime with the Increase of Internet Capabilities. Challenge Identification, Legal Considerations, and Recommendations
Main supervisor: Dr Colin King 
Katherine FAULKNER
Can the life and work of one judge provide understanding of the development of advocacy skills in the 1970s and 80s and beyond?
Main supervisor: Professor Avrom Sherr
Second Supervisor: Professor Michael Lobban
Julius I. K. FODAY
Gender Neutral Legislative Drafting in Sierra Leone 
Supervisors: Dr Constantin Stefanou and Professor Helen Xanthaki 
Cong GAO
Challenges and Opportunities of Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reform in China
Supervisor: Professor Ilias Bantekas
Preventing Extreme Opportunism in Financial Markets: an analysis of the role of the UK Financial Regulations 
Main supervisor: Professor Barry Rider
Second supervisor / SOR: Dr Chizu Nakajima
Emily Charlotte JAMESON
Rethinking development law: a strategic and significant step forwards for sustainable development in bilateral investment treaties?
Main supervisor: Dr Maria Gavournelli
Tasneem KAUSAR
Unwanted Children of the Justice System: A Study on the Child Defendants and their Access to Criminal Justice in Pakistan
Supervisors: Dr Colin King, Dr Hannah Quirk
Women's rights in Nigeria: is legislation a solution?
Main supervisor:  Dr Alexandra Xanthaki 
Second supervisor / SOR: Professor Helen Xanthaki
United Kingdom's hesitation to adopt the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG): The role of the end user?
Main supervisor: Dr Maren Heidemann 
Second supervisor / SOR: Professor Mads Andenas
The space debris problem: a study of its law and policy implications
Main supervisor: Professor Sa'id Moshteshar 
Second supervisor / SOR: Dr Maria Gavournelli
Christopher STEARS
The Management of Legal Risk in Multi-function Financial Intermediaries 
Main supervisor: Professor Barry Rider
Second supervisor / SOR: Dr Chizu Nakajima
Benedict Jonathan TURNER 
An Economic Jurisprudential Approach to Securities and Securitisation
Main supervisor: Dr Mahmood Bagheri 
Second supervisor/SOR: Professor Kern Alexander
Grahame TURNER 
An investigation into the Modification of the UK's Direct Tax Law Necessitated by Community Measures and Compliance with the EC Treaty Freedoms 
Main supervisor: Professor Philip Baker QC
Patrick WILSON
How could the International Framework for the Automatic Exchange of Financial Account information be amended to improve the consistent application of privacy as a fundamental right?
Main Supervisor: Professor Philip Baker
Warranty and Disclosure of Information in M&A Transactions in the Light of the Theory of Contract Law – Comparison of the Common Law and the Civil Law
Supervisor: Dr Mahmood Bagheri
Second supervisor: Dr Pierre Schammo