IALS Research Student Conference Fund

Purpose of the Fund

The principal aim of the Research Student Conference Fund is to facilitate research promotion at national and international levels. The Fund is intended to support PGR students to present their graduate research work in national and international conferences.


In order to apply to this Fund, you must:

  • Be a graduate research student, namely a student registered for MPhil or PhD study at IALS;
  • have a paper accepted for presentation at a national or international conference which is endorsed by your supervisor as crucial for your research study.

Further details about the Fund, including the application form, are available in this document: 

IALS Research Student Conference Fund

Research Degree Examinations

Information for Students

The PhD Examination Entry form should be submitted 4 - 6 months ahead of your thesis submission. This gives your Supervisor sufficient time to nominate your Examiners and to set a date for your viva.

All forms mentioned below are available from the School of Advanced Study website. Please have your login ready. If you are unsure of login details, please contact the IALS Student Administrator for help.

Please make sure that your supervisor has signed The PhD Examination Entry form and submit it together with the Description of Thesis form, and the Reproduction of Thesis form to your Student Administrator/Postgraduate Student Officer.

Once you are ready to submit, please make sure you have read the Instructions for Submission and Binding your Theses before sending your theses to be bound. (List of binders).

Once the theses are bound and ready to submit, please return them to Research Degrees Examination Office together with the Abstract and the Word Limit forms.

Further information for current students can be found on the School of Advanced Study current information for students page.

Information for Supervisors

When you are happy that your student is almost ready to submit their thesis, you will need to think about nominating the Examiners and setting a date for the Viva.