Digital Economy, Digital Law, Taxation and Common Law

The Course

The event is being organized by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies/IALS (SAS/University of London) and the Institute Justice and Citizenship (Instituto Justiça e Cidadania) in association with Rio de Janeiro State University (School of Law/UERJ), Association of Brazilian Federal Judges of the 2nd Regional Court,  Association of Brazilian Federal Judges, Association of Brazilian Magistrates, Association of Federal Judges of São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, Superior Scholl of Advocacy – OAB.

Duration: 40 hours

General aims: to build bridges and provide judges and justices of the Brazilian Federal Judiciary and LLM and PhD students of Rio de Janeiro state University (Law Faculty-UERJ) with a panoramic view of the English law, which is ultimately aimed at enhancing the efficiency and quality of Brazil’s judicial service, which is a mandatory requirement for the career of Brazilian judges.

Audience: Brazilian Judges and selected students from Rio de Janeiro State University.

Main subjects: general aspects of the English Law and selected aspects of Digital Economy, Digital Law, Taxation and Common Law.

Funding: it is a non-profit event, so judges and students will cover their own costs: flights, accommodation, transfer, etc.

The seminar will be conducted in English and interpreting (English/Portuguese) will be provided.

Certificate: will be provided by the Rio de Janeiro State University (School of Law/UERJ) and ENFAM – National School for the training and improvement of Magistrates.

Dates: October 10 to 14, 2022.

Venue: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DR

ProgrammeProgramme available here (PDF)

Academic Organisers

General Academic Coordination

Marcus Livio Gomes (2nd Federal Court Rio de Janeiro and Rio de Janeiro State University-UERJ)

Thematic Academic Coordination

  • Taxation: Sol Picciotto (Emeritus professor of law at Lancaster University), Marcus Livio Gomes and Sergio André Rocha (Rio de Janeiro State University-UERJ)
  • Common Law and Civil Procedure: Aluisio Mendes (2nd Federal Court Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro State University-UERJ,  and Estácio de Sá University  UESA)
  • Digital Law: Caroline Somesom Tauk (2nd Federal Court Rio de Janeiro)
  • Digital Economy and New Business Model: Daniela Madeira (2nd Federal Court Rio de Janeiro) Marilia Cavagni (LLM candidate UERJ)

General Administrative Organisation

  • Tiago Salles (Instituto Justiça e Cidadania-IJC)
  • Erika Branco (Instituto Justiça e Cidadania-IJC)
  • Academic Researcher
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