Dr Bahriye Basaran

My IALS PhD Experience

Dr Bahriye Basaran

Bahriye Basaran completed her PhD under the supervision of Dr Mahmood Bagheri and will graduate in December 2019.

What was your PhD topic?

I analytically criticise differing objectives and regulatory philosophies of securities markets regulator and bank prudential regulator by focusing on the relationship between financial stability and transparency & accountability measures while placing banks in the centre of the arguments. I explored the conflict and critical challenge arising from the simultaneous application of business law & capital markets regulation and macro- and micro-prudential regulation on banks.  

What attracted you to IALS?

As IALS is a postgraduate research institution, it is a hub for thought-provoking discussions, events and lectures with academics, practitioners, alumni and peer PhD researchers which I believe provides PhD researchers a balanced outlook and multi-dimensional perspective. Also, the mentorship, intense research training and research facilities provided during a PhD journey attracted me to pursue a PhD at IALS and supported me move in the direction of conducting high standard scholarship. 

What is your fondest memory from your time at IALS? 

My fondest memory lies in the feeling of being surrounded by friends and colleagues. We had our coffee break time which mostly led to never-ending interesting conversations until one of us reluctantly reminded us that we have a PhD to finish! 

What have you done since leaving IALS?  

I have received a fellowship to continue my research in addition to my work in legal consultancy.  

Page last updated: 18th February 2021