Dr Ejike Anaeto Ekwueme

My PhD Experience

What was your PhD topic?

Convergence of dirty money and private to private corruption: Fact or Fiction? How efficient are the tools to contain this? A discourse from Anglo-American and less developed countries’ perspectives

What attracted you to IALS?

Interestingly, I considered the reputational value of attending any of the Colleges of University of London. However, upon further investigation, IALS singled itself out as having the required and necessarily expertise in my chosen field of research – Financial Crime. There is also the fact that my second masters degree in law was done in this institution. It afforded me the opportunity to progress further with the school. This institution is noted to have successfully churned out very important and remarkable research endeavours that have and will continue to stand the test of time. 

Above aside, the IALS library is noted to be one of the best libraries that you can utilize in carrying out your research in law. In truth, it is not necessarily an over statement to state, that you do not need to look beyond the library to achieve your goal which is also dependent on your chosen research methodology.   

What is your fondest memory from your time at IALS? 

The cooperation of the library staff and their unrelenting enthusiasm to always assist a researcher in locating the materials whenever they are called upon to do so will not be forgotten in a hurry. Additionally, I had the opportunity to interact with some of the experts in the field during conferences which also impacted on the positive outcome of my research.  

What have you done since leaving IALS? What future plans do you have post-PhD?

It has not been long that I finished my degree and can possibly be described presently as a freshly minted PhD holder. I am presently gainfully employed albeit in a non-financial sector. However, the PhD in financial crime should possibly assist me in reassessing my options going forward. And being involved in the regulatory template that includes compliance matters in the financial sector, I believe, should not be ruled out.   

Anything else that you would like to add?

Special thanks go to my supervisor Dr Richard Alexander of SOAS who assisted tremendously in the successful outcome of my research. The tremendous speed with which he used to assess and return my work during my thesis is to say the least very amazing. He also provided and suggested materials for this thesis. Dr Ivan Leonadov of SAS registry was also very instrumental in assisting whenever the need arose in administrative issues.  

Page last updated: 18th February 2021