The Workshop will run intensively from 9:30 to 17:00 over five days, with each day divided into three sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to lead sessions, and to gain experience in a variety of pedagogic techniques. A virtual learning environment of materials will be provided. Topics for the sessions include: 

  • A Community of Law Teachers
  • Becoming (and Evolving as) a Law Teacher
  • Sharing Space with Law Students
  • Thinking/Doing/Acting ‘Like a Lawyer’
  • The Library in Legal Education: Books and the Importance of Close Reading
  • How (Law) Students Learn
  • How (Law) Teachers Teach
  • Critical Approaches to Teaching and Learning Law
  • Teaching for Justice Readiness
  • Current and Cutting Edge: Possibilities and Potential for Legal Education
  • Governance Issues in University Education
  • A Learning Cycle - The Place(s) of Feedback and Evaluation
  • Stewardship of Law and Legal Education
  • Community Renewal and Sustainability
Page last updated: 5th September 2022