The workshop adopts a critical, active learning approach. Participants learn about and practice using a range of models and tools available for introducing, testing and consolidating complex knowledge. They are placed in a supportive and supported environment and asked to engage with pedagogical philosophy on a theoretical level, to experiment with different forms of pedagogy in practice, and to reflect on their future role as educators.

The Workshop invites participants to imagine new possibilities for teaching and learning - across disciplines and through time and space. Scholars will be encouraged to reimagine the classroom as an institutional site, to focus on the elements of meaningful teacher-student relations, and to critique the idea of teaching as indoctrination and learning as passive absorption. Ultimately, the Workshop will be shaped by constructive and structured opportunities for self-awareness in both teaching and learning. Like all law classrooms, it will provide space for distinctive and personal narrative as well as for shared collective analysis. 

Page last updated: 5th September 2022