II New Trends in the Common Law

Artificial Intelligence, Economic Analysis of Law and Civil Procedure

The Course

The event is being organized by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies/IALS (SAS/University of London) and the Institute Justice and Citizenship (Instituto Justiça e Cidadania) in association with Rio de Janeiro State University (School of Law/UERJ), Association of Brazilian Federal Judges of the 2nd Regional Court and Association of Brazilian Federal Judges. 

Duration: 40 hours

General aims: to build bridges and provide judges and justices of the Brazilian Federal Judiciary and LLM and PhD students of Rio de Janeiro state University (Law Faculty-UERJ) with a panoramic view of the English law, which is ultimately aimed at enhancing the efficiency and quality of Brazil’s judicial service, which is a mandatory requirement for the career of Brazilian judges.

Audience: Brazilian Federal Judges and selected students from Rio de Janeiro State University.

Main subjects: general aspects of the English Law and selected aspects of procedural law, artificial intelligence, economic analysis of law and taxation.

Funding: it is a non-profit event, so judges and students will cover their own costs: flights, accommodation, transfer, etc.

The seminar will be conducted in English and interpreting (English/Portuguese) will be provided.

Certificate: will be provided by the Association of Brazilian Federal Judges of the 2nd Regional Court.

Dates: 2 September - 6 September 2019

Venue: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DR

Programme: Programme available here (PDF)

Academic Organisers

  • General Academic Coordination: Marcus Livio Gomes. Federal Judge and Tax Law Professor at Rio de Janeiro State University
  • General Administrative Organisation: Tiago Salles (President Instituto Justiça e Cidadania), Erika Branco (Vice-President Instituto Justiça e Cidadania), Aline Cardoso de Faria (Researcher IJC)
  • Academic Coordination Procedural Law: Aluisio Mendes. Federal Justice and Civil Procedure Law Professor at Rio de Janeiro State University
  • Academic Coordination Artificial Intelligence and Economic Analysis of Law: Fabíola Utzig Haselof (PhD candidate Rio de Janeiro State University and Federal Judge), Daniela Pereira Madeira (PhD candidate Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Federal Judge), Larissa Boratti (PhD IALS)
  • Academic Coordination Taxation: Marcus Livio Gomes (Federal Judge and Tax Law Professor at Rio de Janeiro State University, Marcelo Ilarraz (PhD IALS), Joao Dacio Rolim (Tax Law Professor FGVSP)



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