Jean Monnet I: Legislating for EU Membership and Accession

The content, syllabus and teachers for this module have been assessed and approved by the European Commission, which awarded this programme the prestigious Jean Monnet title (out of 2,500 applications worldwide only 48 were approved this year). The module aims to examine what is considered quality in EU legislation and how this can be achieved at the EU and national levels. For existing Member States achieving quality in their national implementation measures form part of their EU obligations. For legislative drafters in accession or newly acceded Member States prompt and complete transposition of the acquis is central on the road to approximation, accession and membership, especially after the introduction of the Copenhagen criteria for accession. The module will be taught by Dr Helen Xanthaki and Dr Constantin Stefanou in two hourly lectures and one hourly seminar per week as this is the format approved by the Commission and forms part of the IALS contract with them. The syllabus approved by the European Commission is as follows:

  • Topic 1: The history and institutions of the European Union.
  • Topic 2: The legislative process: the EC and national levels.
  • Topic 3: Enlargement and the Copenhagen criteria for EU accession.
  • Topic 4: Legislative drafting as a means of achieving reception of the acquis for EU accession and membership: the role of EC and national legislators.
  • Topic 5: The acquis: an overview of EC law and its enforcement mechanisms.
  • Topic 6: Quality of legislation at the EU and national levels: the principles.
  • Topic 7: Choice of legislative instruments for the implementation of EC law: legislative form and cost-effect considerations.
  • Topic 8: Structure of national implementing instruments.
  • Topic 9: The use of language and punctuation in legislation.
  • Topic 10: Themes of drafting for EU accession I: EC law implementation.
  • Topic 11: Themes of drafting for EU accession II: EU criminal law implementation.
  • Topic 12: Organising and managing a legal department for EU accession/membership.

This course is made possible by a grant from the European Commission.


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