Comments on the Course

Class of 2014

This was an awesome experience! I have made new friends from all over the world and have learnt so much. I have had an opportunity to see the legislative drafting process from different perspectives and I have learnt about international best practice. This course was well worth the sacrifice of being away from your friends and family! Thank you, Helen. You are awesome!

All in all a great experience!

The Legislative Drafting Course gave me a different experience and reorientation to legislative drafting. It is indeed a ‘must’ experience for every drafter!

This was a great experience and it’s my hope that many people, especially drafters from other jurisdictions, will access the same!

The coverage of the course is comprehensive and fits what I need! The lecturers are knowledgeable and devoted! Thanks!

A highly recommended course for a drafter as well as public officers involved in developing policy and within the legislative system. Equally useful for advisors of the executive. The course should be pitched for officers who have worked for a minimum of five years, to be able to fully gauge the information and make assessments on what would be appropriate re the context and jurisdiction.

This course was intensive and proved to be useful as it provided a lot of information. The highlight is being able to understand the practices in other jurisdictions, as it helps to decipher ways to better my own practices in my jurisdiction.

I found this course to be thoroughly helpful as it is directly linked to what I do every day. The presentations, exercises and visits as well as the opportunity to hear what challenges other drafters face in their jurisdictions have added great perspective to my knowledge and understanding of legislative drafting as a professional career. I am glad I made the decision to attend and eternally grateful to my sponsors for providing funds. Just thought I would add that I would be interested to do the Masters programme in legislative drafting.

I wish to further share that Prof. Helen and Dr. Constantin are excellent teachers from whom we learnt a lot. I wish all of them all the very best in everything they do in life!

The Course was very useful for rethinking with other drafters from around the world, sharing experiences and challenges faced and some of the solutions they have adopted.

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Class of 2013

The course provides an in-depth understanding of legislative drafting and legislation in the wider context. The course is a good mix of lectures, visits and workshops which are informative as well as stimulating. It updated me with the current drafting trends and also the arguments for and against the trends. Many thanks to Professor Helen Xanthaki and her colleagues for their efforts and passions in sharing with us their knowledge and experience in legislative drafting. I enjoyed the course and will definitely continue the learning process it ignited.

The course has been informative and rich of materials, and new insights. The organisation of study visits added beauty to the course as practical experiences from the real actors was fantastic.

This is a great course! It's not just about how we actually draft a provision in the legislation but the professors and guest speakers inspire us to think about the whole legislative process from the beginning to the end. The course encouraged me to think deeper and outside the box. Thank you Helen and Constantin for your great efforts!

I've learnt a lot by attending this course. The lecturers are very good and we are very much encouraged to participate. Hope to see this programme continue in the future for the benefits of others as well.

The course is well designed as it gives one fresh perspective in drafting. It combines both academic and practicality of legislative drafting for common law lawyers, as such it achieves its purpose being able to enhance individual skills of legislative drafting and build relations with other lawyers in the Commonwealth region...

I have been assigned a new bill to scrutinise as soon as I was back and was asked to share my experience during the course with my colleagues within the Legal Service Division and the Secretariat as a whole. It is a very unique experience to attend the lectures conducted by you and other speakers and exchange ideas with you and classmates from other jurisdictions. Thank you very much for your efforts in arranging everything that makes this course so stimulating and enjoyable.

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Class of 2012

Attending this course is very interesting and helps me gain new knowledge of drafting skills and techniques. I have learnt a lot from the presentations made... Job well done!

Though I work with a central bank, my participation in this course has been of great encouragement in terms of performing my duties... The faculty at the Institute have greatly encouraged me and ... they have greatly empowered me in terms of acquiring my skills... Thank you so much Helen and the Team!"
"This course really gave me an insight into the workings of drafting, especially the hows and they whys of drafting.

The lecturers are awesome! They really know what they are doing.

This course teaches a lot. It is worthwhile taking this course because it is equally relevant to both inexperienced and seasonal drafters. Job well done!

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Class of 2011

I enjoyed every moment here. The course opened my eyes to some grey areas in my drafting. It offered me the opportunity to network with drafters in different jurisdictions. I wish I had the opportunity much earlier.

I have learned a lot and can take any instruction(s) to draft.

In summary I had a blast! I loved everything about the course...and I am grateful for this rare opportunity away from work to focus full-time on the course. It was very humbling and an honour to be lectured by the different academics and professionals with so much expertise and knowledge. Helen and Constantin were awesome.

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