LLM in Drafting Legislation, Regulation, and Policy

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The LLM in Drafting Legislation, Regulation, and Policy offers a unique opportunity to drafters, legal officers, policy makers, and those interested in the process of lawmaking and in drafting to study the legislative environment and legislation as a tool for regulation. The programme aims to promote an understanding of the principles of legislative studies, and an in-depth awareness of what constitutes legislative quality and how this can be achieved. The programme is no prescriptive and allows participants to naturalize their knowledge and apply it in their own national environments. Capped class numbers allow individualized tuition. Alumni are usually employed by governments and international organizations.

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Available onsite or by distance learning.

Picture of Professor Helen Xanthaki with students at University of London Graduation ceremony

Legislative drafting is often perceived as a technical skill, which one learns on the job. The view of the Sir William Dale Centre, as eloquently put by its founder and its staff in numerous publications, has always been that legislative drafting is a phronetic discipline requiring awareness of the theoretical principles of drafting along with experience on the job. Legislative drafting has evolved to become the bedrock of political, economic and social transformation. It is still, however, relatively unexplored as an academic discipline. The LLM examines issues related to the policy process, the legislative process, and the drafting process. Legislation is viewed as a tool for regulation. Effectiveness of regulatory aims is the scope and aim of the drafting process.

The LLM is divided into 2 directions: the Common law Direction and the EU Direction.

  • The Common Law direction offers the core modules Comparative Legislative Studies 1 and 2, Legislative Drafting 1 and 2, and Research Methods Training while there are also two optional modules Themes of Legislative Studies and The Theory and Practice of Regulation, plus a 15,000 word dissertation.
  • The EU Direction offers the core modules EU Legislative Studies 1 and 2, the Jean Monnet Module Legislating for EU Membership and Accession, the Jean Monnet module Theories of European Integration, and the modules Themes of Legislative Studies and Research Methods Training, plus a 15,000 word dissertation.

Part-time students take four modules in the first year of study, and two modules and the dissertation in the second year of study.


Testimonials listed below are from former students:

Much gratitude to my lovely, most intelligent and blessed lecturers Helen and Constantin. I will forever remain grateful for the knowledge you imparted on me, I am a reference point, being called upon to aid where a difficulty looms. I would never forget the knowledge imparted on me by Dr. Stefanou on Research Methodology and writing (read hypothesis and methodology), very very helpful, both at work while doing my well researched legal and legislative opinions and on my second masters. Thank you very much sir. (Ladies and gentleman, I footnote my opinions, I do a bibliography for them as well, my bosses love it. Guys lets show the world what IALS has to offer.) Dr. Xanthaki, no words for you, just gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude, you gave me a reason to smile up high, I learnt a lot, the knowledge has significantly boosted my esteem as a drafter, I can confidently stand up and declare myself a competent drafter and an expert in the same.

First and foremost, I want to thank both of you for being such wonderful teachers. I wish I'd had a chance to say a proper thank you in person to both of you. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. Many thanks for your support and courage throughout the year. Well, I have just started working back at the Drafting Division and everything I have learned from both of you is very useful, helpful and valuable.

Good day Helen and Constantin. Let me first of all take time to wish you compliments of the season even though I hear the British weather is not that encouraging. It gives me great pleasure to thank you both for the wonderful year spent under your supervision during last academic year. As you are aware the results are out and I was very happy with the end product which would not have been without your help. I am back at work and trying to introduce my colleagues to your style of drafting. Not an easy task but  we are making little progress everyday. Once again I cannot say how much I appreciate your efforts and time dedicated to us. God Bless you and your family always.

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