What Students Say About the Course

Picture of Igor SumkovkiIgor Sumkovski 
ICGFREL Graduate, 2016

Already working in the Financial Services sector, principally focusing on Financial Crime prevention and compliance, I took this programme in order to broaden my knowledge and keep pace with the fast-evolving regulatory and compliance obligations in this field.
I found the programme challenging but rewarding. Lessons are taught by both academics and industry professionals, some being well regarded in their areas of expertise. I believe that this combination provides a good balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects covered by ICGFREL LLM Programme. Furthermore, the programme is complemented by IALS organised external seminars which I found to be very interactive and extremely useful for expanding the attendee’s knowledge in specific areas. 
I would also emphasise the small group teaching method whereby the students can receive full attention with plenty of opportunities to actively participate in the lessons. This approach allowed for vibrant classes, frequently resulting in interesting and constructive debates, quite often elevating the topic well above its initial levels. 
In summary, I feel that the ICGFREL LLM Programme is highly suitable for both professionals already working in the Financial Services sector who look to expand their area of expertise and postgraduate students with the aim of furthering their own knowledge and perhaps entering the Financial Services sector. I truly hope that ICGFREL LLM Programme will continue to expand and develop its capacity to wholly address the evolving demands dictated by the fast-paced changes in the areas covered by the programme. 

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Picture of Shirley PougetShirley Pouget
ICGFREL Graduate, 2016

"Human rights and rule of law practitioner with over 15 years’ of experience, I took this course because I was interested in gaining more knowledge about corporate governance, foreign investment law and economic crimes. The course is of great professional and intellectual value, the lecturers are highly knowledgeable and classes allow for interactions and exchanges.  The course is suitable for professionals or non professionals from the financial sector alike, and offers flexibility if need be. Needless to say, the IALS library provides excellent research resources. I have really enjoyed doing this course and I thoroughly recommend it."

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Picture of Bryan DuncanBrian Duncan
 ICGFREL Graduate, 2015

"The decision to pursue the LLM in International Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation and Economic Law has been a very rewarding experience both academically and personally. It is undoubtedly tailored to those within the financial world but remains accessible to those individuals who are interested in learning about its legal aspects from professionals and academics in one of the most important financial cities in the world. The combination of renowned professors and guest lecturers from other countries provide a suitable mixture of new insights to compliment the numerous seminars and conferences offered by both IALS and the University of London. This is by no means ignoring the availability of astounding resources made available through the many libraries of both the wider university and IALS' own law library. The forgoing combined with the high teacher-student ratio provided the perfect environment to have successfully complete the LLM Programme.

I have now returned to life in Belize, the meeting point of Central America and the Caribbean, where I am a regulator at the Central Bank of Belize. My experience in London and at IALS have equipped me with a better understanding and much appreciation of the financial world in which smaller economies such as Belize's operate within. For these reasons, I remain satisfied with my decision to have pursued the ICGFREL LLM programme at IALS. I do hope the above have done justice to the LLM programme. " 

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Picture of Calvin Jackson

Calvin Jackson
ICGFREL Graduate (with Distinction), 2014

"I practise as a barrister with a particular interest in City/white collar crime and regulatory breaches, from a Set of Chambers in Central London - indeed, Chambers is located within ten minutes walk of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in Russell Square. So the ICGFREL LLM programme of early evening lectures worked out very well for me.

Many of the lecturers are professional practitioners in their chosen field as well as being academic experts - and small class sizes promote a collegiate, 'tutorial-type' format with students participating in detailed discussion with highly-expert and interesting lecturers.

The course has considerable breadth - although it provides detailed teaching on financial regulation compliance, it also covers more philosophical corporate governance aspects as well. Students can focus too on a dissertation topic that suits their particular interests, in effect tailoring their learning to their particular ambitions and requirements (for example, my dissertation was on The Regulation of Executive Pay - a topic to which I have devoted much of my professional career).

So the ICGFREL programme is highly suitable for lawyers and non-lawyers alike - whether professionals working in the City as practitioners or regulators, or postgraduate students who want to learn more about the course topics as a forerunner to working in financial services, carrying out further academic work or, indeed, becoming academics.

The IALS Library provides an inspiring environment for study, with a massive range of learning media and materials - with excellent lecture rooms and a cafe for meeting fellow students. Put shortly, the ICGFREL LLM course is a gem that deserves continued success and future expansion. "

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Picture of S H Yuniarti

Yuniarti, S.H.
ICGFREL Graduate, 2013

"The LLM in International Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation and Economic law was everything I dreamed it to be and more. The course is fantastic and well organized. This course has broadened my knowledge in business law as a general and the financial regulation with all its aspect as a specific matter. The scope of study is not only considering the UK and EU but also internationally. This is because of various lecturers that came from all over the world. Moreover, I believe that the best way to learn is through both practical and theoretical, this is the benefit to study in IALS, because the institute is located at the heart of London that makes easier to have practical experience through attending the courts where I could learn a case directly. In classroom, I had fantastic classmate for having discussion and learning from the experts since all the lectures are very well known in the field, such as Prof. Kern Alexander. Furthermore, the institute has incredible law resources. It has been the biggest law library in Europe, it has a friendly study environment supported by a massive collection of books and electronic resources which make the Institute the best place to do your research."

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Picture of Martha Okigbo

Martha Okigbo
ICGFREL Graduate, 2012

"I have benefited hugely from the LLM course at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. My time here has allowed me the opportunity to explore the central themes of academic and practitioner-oriented debates, with a unique focus on the role of corporate governance, financial regulations and economic law in the world markets. I appreciate the insights provided by the distinguished lecturers in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Taking the adventurous decision to study at IALS has yielded many favourable advantages, not least for developing one's intellectual and professional capabilities. Nor would I have been able to secure competitive posts in banking & finance upon graduation. A pre-requisite for most doctoral programs, completing a Masters degree of this nature is bound to stand out on your profile.

A brilliant choice all round!"

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Picture of Ejike EkwuemeEjike Ekwueme
ICGFREL Graduate, 2012

"To admit that I have benefited immensely from embarking on this multifaceted LL.M in IALS is an understatement. You definitely end up, having your knowledge of the markets and corporate governance issues being very robust. What baffled me during the period of my study is the instantaneous realization that you are safely embedded in the mist of eminently qualified lecturers that are always willing to assist when approached. The speed, with which they usually respond to your academic enquiries, is to say the least very amazing. The collection of academic resources available to you in the library which has a reputation as one of the best in the world is such that you do not need to look elsewhere to progress your academic assignments. The scenario and the friendly response of the library staff made it easier for me to complete my course. Will I recommend this course to potential post graduate students? The answer is in the affirmative if you are lucky to be admitted."

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Rose Chapman
ICGFREL Graduate, 2012

"As a graduate of IALS, my thoughts for prospective students include a total validation of your time spent studying with reference to a potential return on your investment.  I found my course on International Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation and Economic Law absolutely invaluable in securing my current position as Global Head of Compliance and Ethics at Travelport, a FinTech and TravelTech multi-national.  Although I had all of the financial services compliance and anti-money laundering experience and qualifications necessary to do the role, I believe that completing my LLM at IALS provided the external "icing on the cake" for prospective employers, wanting to progress their compliance arrangements with a reliable leader.  Extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people, perhaps, so include yourself in the extraordinary by committing to your career and signing up for your post graduate qualification at IALS."

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Bunmi Balogun
ICGFREL Graduate, 2011

"The LLM in International Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation and Economic Law far exceeded my expectations. With a finance background, I took the course keen to broaden my understanding of the subject matter in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis. The teaching was robust and stimulating but equally rewarding with exceptional support from the eminently qualified and international faculty. A major advantage was the IALS renowned library enabling quality research and study. I recommend the programme unreservedly to prospective students."

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ICGFREL Graduate, 2010

"I embarked on the LLM in International Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation and Economic Law in 2009, and I am highly impressed.

The best thing about the LLM is the unique emphasis that the IALS places on dealing with students on an individual level. I feel that the personal attention and help provided by a highly qualified faculty makes this degree very rewarding and challenging as well as flexible and fun. Participatory events including mooting and debating encourage a deeper understanding of the subject matter and excellent library facilities and online resources make study and research easy and convenient.”

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