Making science and law work together: Skills for drafting legislation for agriculture, food safety and environmental protection

The Course

The course aims to start or continue the development of skills in the critical evaluation of existing legislation and the drafting of new or amended legislation in the broad areas of agriculture, food regulation and environmental protection. It is directed not only towards lawyers who would like insight into review and drafting of legislation in these specialised sectors but also technical experts and administrators working in public and private bodies and development organisations who encounter legislation in the course of their work. By bringing together lawyers and non-lawyers in this way, the course will help demystify the legislative drafting process as frequently perceived. The emphasis will be on legal skills that facilitate the effective incorporation of science and risk assessment into sectoral legislation. 

Date: 16th to 20th July 2018

For further information on the course, including booking information, please see the IALS calendar page, or download the course brochure (PDF)

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