Past PhD Masterclasses


  • Top Tips for PhD Studies
  • Research Presentation
  • Mock Viva Session
  • PhD Student Pastoral Session
  • Research Presentation
  • Careers – Academia, Legal Practice, NGOs


  • Top Tips’ Session – A panel discussion
  • Your PhD programme and careers in legal academia
  • Pastoral Session
  • How to Construct a PhD Thesis
  • Legislative Research for a PhD [PDF]
  • Viva sessions
  • Jurisprudential Methodologies
  •  Editing and publishing while completing a PhD 



  • Getting ahead in legal academia
  • Originality in dissertation and research techniques
  • Viva and mini-viva
  • Research and writing techniques
  • How to construct a thesis
  • The difference between description and analysis
  • Accessibility of Legislation and the Rule of Law
  • Vivas and min-viva
  • Prosecution Duty of Disclosure before International Criminal Tribunals
  • From informal to formal burden-sharing: an alternative insight into the early development of refugee law and international forms of cooperation
  • Originality / research techniques
  • Regulating Risk: Conceptual issues and Framework Challenges
  • Fairness in International Law
Page last updated: 17th February 2021