Legal Biography - Socio-legal research National workshop

A national socio-legal training day on legal biography was organised by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, the British Library and the Socio-Legal Studies Association and held at IALS in May 2013. The national socio-legal training day proved to be very popular and successful with much discussion between the speakers and the attendees throughout the programme.


Journal of Law and Society Special Issue on Legal Life-Writing

Journal of Law and Society Special Issue on Legal Life-Writing developed from papers presented at the joint BL/IALS/SLSA socio-legal training day on Legal Biography is online at:

Access IALS Library copy at access is available via current IALS Library card for IALS staff, fellows and students, UofL postgraduate students , IALS Lib academic members on Wiley Online Library)

Legal Biography programme

Guest editorial published in Legal Information Management - David Gee (Deputy Librarian, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies)

We are pleased that the joint IALS, British Library, Socio-Legal Studies Association national training day continues to contribute to the debate in academic circles on the apparent renaissance in legal biography research.

It is hoped that these special issue articles will help us to understand more the varied methodological concerns and problems of legal biography researchers, as well as helping to highlight the many research libraries and specialist archives which can provide expert assistance with legal biography research.

 Extracts from the Programme

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