Sources and Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice

This socio-legal research training day in November 2015 on Sources and Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice, organised collaboratively by the British Library, the British Society of Criminology, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), and the Socio-Legal Studies Association drew attention to resources and research approaches that newcomers to the field may not be aware of and to consider the methodological and practical issues involved in analysing sources.

Programme details

Collections / Theoretical Approaches:

Official Records:

Crime Statistics and Quantitative Methods:

Qualitative and Mixed Methods: Texts and Case Studies

  • Discovering Sources for Researching Historical Public Reactions to the Death Penalty in Britain - Lizzie Seal (University of Sussex)
  • Unicorns and Urinals: Foucauldian Methodology and the Apparently Unimportant Minutiae of the Court Design Guides - Linda Mulcahy (London School of Economics) and Emma Rowden (University of Technology Syndey)
  • Quantity and Quality in Police Research: Making the Case for Case Studies - Ben Bowling (Kings College London)

Closing panel

  • Interrelation between Socio-legal Studies and Criminology - Gethin Rees (Newcastle University), Marian Duggan (University of Kent) and other speakers
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