TWIN/03/04 Law in Context, 1960s-1989

Extent and form: 12.5 boxes

Administrative History: In 1965 Prof Twining (then at the University of Warwick) and Robert Stevens (then at Tulane University, New Orleans) planned a new series of law books which would challenge existing textbook orthodoxy. The series became the "Law in Context" series. The aim of the series was to stimulate the writing of books which were broader in aim than traditional law text books, treating legal subjects from a broader base than in the past, using material from other social sciences, business studies and any other discipline that helped to explain the law in action in its social and economic context. The books were to be written with the needs of university students of law and related disciplines in mind.

The publishers were Weidenfeld & Nicholson (Butterworths later took over publication of the series) and the editors were initially Prof Twining and Robert Stevens. They were later joined by Christopher McCrudden (University of Oxford). The first book was published in 1970. The publishers had final say on what was accepted whilst the editors made recommendations on the basis of proposals submitted either direct to them or forwarded on from publishers. The editors were not involved with contracts between the authors and publishers nor in related legal matters. However, there was a great deal of discussion regarding publicity and distribution of the volumes.

Appraisal: as part of the Records of Legal Education Archive project: publishers' proofs, duplicate material, drafts, routine correspondence, published material unless directly relevant were recommended for destruction. Policy, development, notes of meetings, comments, and one copy of each LIC catalogue/pamphlet were recommended for retention.

Access: to be confirmed. System of arrangement: No original order could be discerned. The material has been separated into three strands: administration, proposals and catalogues

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